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CDN AISBL General Assembly 2013

21st to 24th February 2013, Istanbul, Turkey


cdn ga 2013

Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe held its 4th General Assembly from 21st to 24th February 2013. Young Greens from 13 Member Organizations and one Partner Organizations gathered for this three days in Istanbul, Turkey.

The first day of the program consisted of workshops for participants, where they had a chance to discuss what does Green mean to them, exchange ideas and experiences. Also, delegates had space to present their organizations, disscus their cooperation with the Network and come up with the ideas for the future cooperation.

During the official part of the GA, the new Strategy Statement for the period 2013-2015 was addopted. Also, the Reports for previous year and Plans for upcoming year were adopted as well. Also few amendments were adopted to other CDN documents: Political platform and IRPs.

The Network grew for one more organization, accepting the membership of Gutta-Club, organization from Moldova. The new Executive Committee of CDN was elected, consisting of Iryna Okseniuk (Ukraine), Blaze Josifovski (Macedonia), Hmayak Arakelyan (Armenia), Teo Abaishvili (Georgia) and Marina Vlajic (Serbia).

The last day of the GA, participants joined the public action organized by the Young Greens of Turkey. The public action aimed to protest against adoption of the new law on Protection of nature and biodiversity, which would give space for misinterpretation and non-transparent dicission making.

During the non-formal part of the GA, CDN celebrated its 10th birthday. Several former EC members joined the party, in person and on-line, and shared their feelings and views on the Network over the prevous 10 years.

So this GA contained official and unofficial parts. Both of them reminded us about importance of international youth cooperation under CDN!

-CDN Executive Committee



Minutes from CDN GA 2013

CDN AISBL Statutes

Internal Rules of Procedure (as amended by CDN GA in February 2013)

Political Platform (as amended by CDN GA in February 2013)

Strategy Statement 2013-2015

CDN-FYEG relations paper (as amended by FYEG GA in May 2011)

Agreement between CDN and Kazakhstan Young Greens

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