RUMB Working Group Application

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We are happy to announce an open call for new members of the RUMB Working Group.
We are looking for interested and motivated people who want to explore the common recurrent problems of the Russia-Ukraine-Moldova-Belarus region and to start working together on common solutions and thus actively contribute RUMB Green movement.

Aims and Objectives of RUMB Working Group:
Contribute to developing green political vision for the region and spread among its civil society;
Bridge the Green Political Framework of RUMB with the rest of Europe;
Support developing educational and organisaitonal skills of the Member organisations and interested activists from the region;
Share news and open discussions within green framework;
Raise knowledge about ongoing socio-politial issues and major debates in the region;
Consult CDN in planning its work in the region;
Support CDN build a database of green resources (educational, political, contacts etc.) for CDN and its partners;

Why should you join?
You will gain knowledge in the topic and experience of doing webinars, discussions, writing project proposals, being in the prepteams, organizing offline and online events if these projects get approved. You will get to know RUMB problems, and will participate in the contribution process and have a good time with people who have the same interests!

Remember – it doesn’t matter if you have previous experience or not! You can learn and act with us! Join us!

If you are interested in working in a Green international environment on interesting green topics in RUMB please fill out the following form until 9th January, 2019.

Feel free to contact if you have any questions and spread the call!