2nd CDN Network Meeting – 20. – 22. June 2003, Ohrid, Macedonia

Council meeting in Ohrid was very important for development of our organisation. At this meeting we basically defined all organisational issues. Partner organisations from previous period became officially founding members of CDN. Representatives from Macedonia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro, Ukraine and Bosnia participated to this meeting and are now the base for future development of the organisation.


This meeting was as well supported by Green Forum Foundation from Sweden and their representative Marie Utter joined us this time as well bringing lots of positive energy and experience with organisational issues.


At this meeting we decided about: CDN Statutes and CDN Political Platform (you can download below). As well we elected first board of CDN named Executive Committee (list of board members and their contacts is below).


New logo of the network, headquarters, accounts and action plan for 2003-2004 were discussed and decided as well.


Our principal office, as decided, will be in Belgrade with aim to establish two more office as soon possible in Skopje and Sarajevo.


CDN is at this moment project based organisation and aims to become organisation with regular running budget in future. Support from Council of Europe and other international foundations are needed in this area to be further developed.


At the end we developed project plan for following period and supported ideas for Migrations seminar next year, Sexual revolution seminar, and summer camp in Macedonia and study session on Environmental Debts. You can get our action plan at activities page.



Network Meeting AGENDA

Network Meeting MINUTES

CDN Political Platform (as decided)

CDN Statutes (as decided)

CDN Executive Committee (as decided)

CDN Member Organisations (as decided)

CDN Action Plan 2003 (as decided)

CDN Political Platform (proposal)

CDN Statutes (proposal)

CDN Network Meeting Application Form

Macedonia-Ohrid Info Sheet