4th CDN Network meeting 2006 – 4. – 6. May 2006., Bucharest, Romania


30. May 2006, CDN Office


Dear green friends,


From 26th to 28th of May 2006 at the Snagov park Complex, near Bucharest the 4th Network Meeting of CDN took place. In a very pleasant atmosphere participants to the meeting have been evaluating the past year and making plans for 2006 and the years to come.


This Network Meeting gathered 15 young greens from Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine,Turkey, Belarus, Germany and Croatia. Special guest organisation, as before, was FYEG.


The delegates of our member organisation have had a very busy agenda in front of them, ranging from the presentation of the Activities and Finances of 2005, changes in the Organisation Documents, decision on New Member and Partner organisations and the new Executive Committee of CDN to Activity and Financial plan for 2006-2007.


The local organisers, Romanian Young Greens, made sure that this time everything goes well and they indeed succeeded in this. The meeting room and the facility were very good and supported a lot the work process and the good time in the evenings.


So, after this meeting CDN is richer for 3 new member organisations (Young Greens of Turkey, Ecosphere Movement Belarus, SAEM РEnvironmental Movement of Georgia) and 2 partner organisations (Green Alternative, Latvia and Young Greens, Poland). Same time, German Young Greens (Federal organisation) replaced the membership of Brandenburg Young Greens (Regional organisation).


Finally, the new managing board was elected. The Executive Committee of CDN in 2006-2007 period will be made up of: Irina Dragan (Romania), Ivana Vujadinovic (Serbia), Elena Bliznakovska (Macedonia), Olga Fomina (Ukraine) and Benjamin Grochowski (Germany). The fact that makes us very proud is that we have 4 women in the EC, which is just one of the results of CDN focus on the gender issues in the past 2 years.


Special thanks this time goes to Cvetan Nikolovski from Macedonia and Stevan Petrovic from Serbiawho have been part of the EC of CDN since the creation. CDN hopes they will continue to share their knowledge and help with their advices and support to the network.





NM 2006 Bucharest – Final Agenda

NM 2006 – Rules and Procedures





CANIDATES for the new Executive Committee
  • Ivana Vujadinovic, Serbia, Zelena omladina Srbije
  • Irina Dragan, Associatia Verdi
  • Benjamin Grochowski, German, Grune Jugend
  • Elena Bliznakovska, DEM – Mladi
  • Olga Fomina,

CANDIDATES for Members organisations

Ecosphere, Belarus

Young Greens, Turkey

SAEM, Georgia


CANDIDATES for Partner organisations

Green Alternative, Latvia

Young Greens, Poland

Young Greens, Germany