Albanian Young Greens: New Board and The Earth Day

Albanian Young Greens is a vital forum part of Albanian Green Party; a vital forum with energised, devoted and innovative members. It has been around 16 years since this forum has been established and many leaders have passed through it. The actual leading group of Albanian Young Greens was selected on 7th May 2017 when taking part in General Assembly of Albanian Young Greens. In accordance with gender balance – giving priority to female gender, the leading group is formed by 7 members. Dajana Sina and Orlando Bakalli are the leaders of Albanian Young Greens.

Dajana is studying Law and Orlando is a student of Environment Engineering. Both of them have been members of the forum since years now and very committed to its activity and programme.

Ambra Durro is another member whose role in the forum is very important. She is the general Secretary of the forum.

Kristina Millona is our spokesperson. She has studied Journalism and in terms of the forum she is very active on communication & social media.

Alban Preci is another member of leading group of the forum who also studies Environmental Engineering. He is mostly responsible for ground activities.

Flutura Brakaj and Klevis Brahja are two members of leading group which are committed mostly to our groups of High School and University recruitments.

Flutura is a very kind and nice girl who studies German language. Despite of being a member of Albanian Young Greens, Flutura is also committed in doing volunteer work with SOS Children’s Villages International.

Klevis is a representative of professional Education. He studies in the field of Mechanic, at service of means of transport.

As it is described above, is obvious that Albanian Young Greens is created by members with a diverse background of life aspects. We are part of activism, student, progressive, intellectual and wider Young’s.

We yearn for a better future, a greener environment and a greener planet. We have access to a series of activities, educating and growing the awareness in green issues, mentioning pollution, deforestation and in general the destruction of the environment.

Our activities are always based on the Environment Calendar as we appreciate the days when internationally it is expressed the motto:

Stand up! Join up! Take Action!

Lately we gathered together on the 22th of April, on Earth day. We chose the Artificial Lake of Tirana to inform the people walking by and share leaflets on environment challenges now-days. We also had a lot of positive feedback on engagement, action and support of communities regarding a sustainable future for all. After, we had a group conversation with some young people that joined the Albanian Young Greens. What was said is that: We need to empower everyone with the knowledge of inspiring action especially around our youth common interest.

Albanian Young Greens are very ambitious, active & very pleased to work with each other. We also take part in international activities organised by international organisations like  FYEG and CDN. Our motto is “For a greener Albania”.

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please feel free to do so HERE!