Art for Freedom – call for the Local Actions

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe and its Gender Working Group are happy to announce the third step of the annual work plan “Art for the Young, the Queer, the Feminists of Eastern Europe”. The call for local actions is an opportunity for the youth organisations or group of young people to submit the applications consisting of the Local Action Plans and Budget.

The 3rd part of the project, “Art for Freedom” aims to broaden the closed safe spaces of young women, transgender, non-binary, agender, gender queer, intersex, gay, lesbian, bi- and pansexual people by visibilizing their identities and struggles to wider public using non-formal education methods and art as a communication tool in order to challenge the accepted norms in the society.

Local art actions will serve the objectives of :

  • Mobilizing local young people of various genders and sexualities and get them motivated to reclaim their visibility in their local communities and hence combat exclusion;
  • Promote diverse arts as tools to combat sexism, misogyny, trans- and homophobia;
  • Point out the dominant and authoritarian powers that operate within the contexts on the local level, challenge them with local art actions and promote feminist, queer, youth activism.

The “Art for Freedom” Local Actions should:

  • Be visual and/or performing and alternative, non commercial art;
  • Be connected to the topic of the Work Plan ;
  • Have a clear Aim and Objectives;
  • Answer the needs of the local communities;
  • Involve young people of different backgrounds in the activity;
  • Have a clear message towards the stakeholders.

The Project Prepteam will decide on the grants to be allocated for each action. CDN offers maximum of 1200 EUR as a grant per action. The decision on the grants will be brought according to the feasibility of the action plan as well as the realistic assessment of the budget. It is highly recommended to sign up for the online course to be able to successfully implement the action from both topical and technical perspectives.

Responsibilities of the applicant in case of awarding the grant:

  • Kicking off the preparations for the LA in the beginning of December 2020;
  • Implementing the activity based on the sent application and recommendations of the Prepteam;
  • Finalizing the implementation of the activity in January 2021;
  • Financial and content reporting to CDN in February 2021;
  • Saving, organizing and sending all the bills, invoices and other proofs of payments connected to the project and reported in the financial report;
  • Sending both digital (scanned version) and original bills (paper) to CDN’s office in Belgrade;
  • Participating in the dissemination of the project;
  • Ensuring the visibility of the project, CDN and EYF. Namely using hashtags #cdnee and #eyfcoe, as well as adding the logos of both organisations on any material that will be produced at the local actions. Making and sending to CDN pictures and videos from the action with all the logos visible.

To apply for the grant, fill in the LOCAL ACTION APPLICATION form and draft a BUDGET for the activities. We will be accepting the applications starting from 12th of November 2020. Deadline for submitting the applications is 3rd of December 2020 23:59 CET. Please, consider, that any application sent before or after this will be disqualified.

Filled in files must be sent to with Local Action Application in the subject of the e-mail. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact Masha Pashkova-Dzneladze, CDN’s project coordinator at at the above-mentioned e-mail.

Only full applications (Application and budget proposals) will be considered by the PrepTeam. You will get the result and feedback approximately in a week after the deadline. Please add the above-mentioned e-mail in your contact list to avoid our mails ending up in spam.