Call for Secretary General

The Executive Committee of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is announcing a call for a Secretary General. This is a paid, full-time position, starting from the beginning of May 2024 and it will be based in CDN’s office in Belgrade, Serbia. We are accepting applications by the 10th of March 23:59 CET.


About the Role:

Secretary General is a legal representative of the organisation, serves as the head of office and supports the work of Executive Committee (EC), oversees implementation of strategy, activities, and daily operations.

Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitating the work of the Executive Committee: ensuring smooth transfer of knowledge and effective onboarding; setting up delegation order, understanding needs, promoting discussions, and creating space for decision-making, handling disagreements among members.
  • Managing office and overseeing the work, ensuring political and strategic alignment.
  • Supervising HR processes.
  • Coordinating statutory activities, Organising General Assembly, Live EC Meetings, and Study Visits.
  • Working on CDN strategy development, shaping, monitoring, and reviewing key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Ensuring that the Executive Committee and staff are meeting their responsibilities, and that the organisation is progressing in accordance with the Strategic Plan.
  • Collaborating with the relevant employee and treasurer for financial oversight.
  • Administrative and structural fundraising
  • Overseeing external communication.
  • Maintaining good communication with partners and stakeholders, including Member Organisations.
  • Representing the organisation to third parties.
  • Tracking, monitoring, and updating the EC on major political and social developments throughout Eastern Europe.


We are looking for someone with the following profile:

  • Experience in Young Green organisations, and/or CDN structures;
  • Good knowledge of CDN, Green politics and civil society in Eastern Europe;
  • Comprehensive understanding and respect for CDN documents and values;
  • Experience with youth and voluntary organisations, or NGOs.
  • Experience in project writing, planning, implementation, monitoring and follow-up;
  • Experience with leading and managing teams;
  • Excellent written and spoken English, (knowledge of additional Eastern European language is an asset);
  • Excellent organisational, time and crisis management skills, ability to multi-task and work under high pressure and with tight deadlines;
  • Excellent communication skills (in online and offline settings) and experience in facilitation and moderation;
  • Ability to take initiative and lead the processes;
  • Willingness to engage in frequent travels, to have flexible working hours – long working days and work during the weekends when needed;
  • Preferably younger than 30 years of age and not older than 33 at the moment of applying;


  • Experience of financial management and budgeting;
  • Experience with managing social media and using Canva;
  • Knowledge and experience with non-formal education methodology;
  • Experience with networking and public speaking;
  • Comprehensive understanding of Eastern European politics.

What we offer:

  • A full time (35 hours / week) contract of 2 years, with flexible working hours. Please note that frequent work-trips abroad and is required;
  • 1300€/month gross salary (approximately 1000€ after taxes, depending on personal situation) with possibility of further increase;
  • 25 days of paid holiday and additional paid time off (closed office) between Jan 1-9;
  • Relocation costs to Belgrade (residence permit, travel, visa) covered by CDN;
  • Frequent and extensive travel and the opportunity to network in the European-wide Green movement;
  • Deepening understanding of Eastern European political context and first-hand experience with organisational management. Enhancing professional, political and leadership skills;
  • Lively, friendly, international, and youth-led team in growing organisation.


Application and Selection:

Please submit the following documents to with reference: Secretary General Application – Name, Surname

  • CV (Max. 2 pages)
  • Motivation Letter highlighting how your experience and qualifications make you a good fit, how you can contribute and why are you interested in this position (Max. 500 Words)
  • Vision Statement outlining how you imagine development of CDN in the upcoming period, what will be your priorities, what you want to achieve by the end of the mandate and how (Max. 1000 Words)
  • Two references with contact details, preferably former employer, supervisor and/or civil society representative. 

Deadline: March 10th, 23:59 CET.

Incomplete applications that don’t have a CV, Motivation Letter, references and without a clear subject line will not be considered.

Next Steps: We will contact the shortlisted candidates latest till the 17th of March and invite them for an online interview. The final selection will be done by the Executive Committee no later than the 27th of March.

NOTE: The Executive Committee is proposing amendment to the Internal Rules of Procedure that changes Secretary General’s selection process and determines 2 year term. If approved, Secretary General should be elected by the General Assembly while Executive Committee will still responsible for pre-selection and final recommendation.

As per Resolution linked to the amendments, the Executive Committee proposes that “the General Assembly recognises current Secretary General (proposed by the Executive Committee) to be elected by the General Assembly and determines this as the beginning of the two-year mandate.”.

Therefore, selected Secretary General will be asked to attend the General Assembly on April 27-28 in Vilnius and present their candidacy. Besides, application will be publicly available on

Do you have any questions regarding the position, tasks and responsibilities, how typical workday looks like? Feel free to get in touch with our outgoing Secretary General Giorgi Ptskialadze at

Call for Presidency

We are looking for Presidency members for the upcoming General Assembly (GA), that will take place on 27-28 April Vilnius, Lithuania.Presidency is a body that presides over the General Assembly. Presidency, consisting of at least 3 people, who are responsible for managing the programme, discussions, voting sessions and ensuring smooth functioning of the GA. Presidency is selected by the Executive Committee and ratified by delegates at the General Assembly.Responsibilities of the Presidency:

  • Chairing the plenary and amendment sessions:
    • Moderate the discussions;
    • Give word to the presenters;
    • Read out amendments.
  • Managing the election and the voting processes efficiently:
    • Make the call for voting;
    • Counting votes;
    • Support technical aspect of voting on GA platform;
    • make sure that voting and elections are taken according to the IRPs and Statutes;
  • Tracking the quorum and absences;
  • Take down minutes;
  • Other minor logistical tasks.

Candidates must have:

  • Solid experience in political processes and chairing meetings;
  • Experience with CDN or one of its Members and/or experience of attending CDN or FYEG GA before;
  • Enough time to dedicate to the GA and preparing for presidency role.

As a member of the presidency you will need to get acquainted with rules and procedures around CDN GA, described in Statutes and IRPs. You will also need to attend at least 2 online meetings before the GA in order to divide the tasks. Members of the presidency are expected to be present in Vilnius for the duration of the GA together with Staff and Executive Committee. They are expected to arrive on 25th to meet and finalise preparations as well as participate in the online evaluation meeting in the following month. All costs of travel, visa, accommodation and meals will be covered by CDN.

To apply, please send in short description of your experience and motivation to (cc by 23rd of February.

General Assembly 2024

We’re excited to announce that General Assembly (GA) 2024 will be hosted by Belarusian Young Greens, and we invite you to join us in Vilnius, Lithuania on April 27-28.

Belarus has been grappling with an autocratic regime, marked by a relentless one-man rule. The situation has created an environment where it is virtually impossible for most of the young people, especially activists, to carry out their work, organise and even lead a normal life, pushing them to the brink and compelling them to seek refuge Especially since the events of 2020, marked by contested presidential elections, protests, violence against demonstrators, mass arrests, and other repressive measures, compelled numerous Belarusians, including members of Young Greens, to leave their homeland and seek asylum in neighbouring countries such as Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Georgia, etc. Moreover, Vilnius and Lithuania in general hold historical significance as a Belarusian hub and have become a haven for many Belarusian activists and now serves as the residence for a community of over 40,000 Belarusians who, through fortune, managed to escape imprisonment.

General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of CDN. GA consists of delegates from Member organisations and brings other friends from the Green European family to share, network and debate. GA elects Executive Committee, adopts activity and financial plan for the next year, amends documents, and makes other relevant decisions. This year, we will also discuss and adopt new Strategy for the upcoming four years.

See you soon in Vilnius!

Help us organise General Assembly 2024 and support our mission by making a contribution

Practicalities for Delegates and Guests

On this page, you will find detailed information regarding practicalities, financial support and reimbursement rules.


General Information

We would kindly ask all attendees to register as early as possible – the deadline according to the IRPs is March 13.

NOTE: A registration form is not enough to register as a delegate! Delegates of Member Organisations need to be confirmed by their organisation. Therefore, an official email from your organisation’s email account should be sent to confirming the name(s) of your delegate(s).

In order for CDN to be able to provide financial support for the delegates’ travel costs, the above-proposed deadlines shall apply. The deadline is determined by the IRPs: “Each member and partner organisation shall inform the Secretariat of the names of their representatives at least 45 days before the General Assembly”.

The Registration is the same for all attendees of the GA. Therefore, Guests, Candidates, Outgoing EC, etc. are all requested to fill in the registration form. Since the deadline, according to IRPs, for submitting candidacy is 30 days prior to the GA, the registration form will remain open for two more weeks, until March 28, for Candidates only.

The attendees are expected to arrive on the 26th in the evening (dinner will be provided) and depart on the 29th in the morning (breakfast will be provided).

Note: We strongly encourage you to follow the good practice of having one experienced delegate (preferably, someone who has been to previous GAs) and one less experienced delegate (to ensure the transfer of knowledge).

In addition, according to IRPs  8.1 Participants of CDN events can’t be older than 35 at the moment of applying. Delegates, whom we will reimburse, are considered participants. Guests, coming at their own expense, can be any age.

For any additional information regarding the financial arrangements, please get in touch with the Office.

To whom will we be covering the costs?

You can find a detailed overview in Financial Conditions. Since it is our desire to support young people and enable everyone’s participation as much as we can, in case you cannot comply with these conditions please do not hesitate to write to us and we will try to find a common solution

If you’re coming as the 1st Delegate:

CDN will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals). There is no participation fee.

If you’re coming as a 2nd Delegate:

CDN will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals). You will be asked to contribute with a participation fee.

We will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals) during the General Assembly.

Non-elected EC Candidates will still have accommodation and meals covered for the duration as if they were elected.

CDN will not be able to reimburse expenses, and you will be asked to contribute with a participation fee covering accommodation and/or meals.

Should get in touch with the and financial assistance will be decided on an individual basis. 


We will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals). There is no participation fee.

CDN will cover all of your accommodation and meal costs during the event.

CDN will not be able to cover any costs of the guests of the General Assembly. There is a participation fee covering meals as well as accommodation if guests request CDN to book accommodation for them.

Other information about travel and financial conditions

We encourage travelling by land whenever possible and it’s the only option if the journey takes less than 15 hours (IRPs §9.1), for reducing CO2 emissions. Since it might be a long way to Warsaw for some of you, flying can be the only option. However, we ask you to organise your travel in the most economical way. Only 2nd/economy class reservations will be reimbursed. This also applies to train reservations.

As a principle, we only cover travel expenses from your place of residence to Vilnius and back. In case you need to travel from or to somewhere else, please contact (cc with a justification of the circumstances, after which we will let you know what to do.


Don’t wait for the last chance to purchase tickets register as it will get expensive. The deadline to book tickets, together with registration, is 45 days prior to the GA – 13 March. Note that while registering, you will be asked to upload a booking confirmation.



Travel to Vilnius

– By Land:

Vilnius Central Railway Station is located just south of the Old Town. It is reachable by train from various places in Europe: including direct connections from Warsaw and Riga. This makes it possible to combine land and air travel e.g. arrive to Warsaw by plane and take train to Vilnius. See more information on the official website of Lithuanian Railways.

The bus station is situated right opposite to Railway station. You can get more information about the timetable at There are several bus lines that run to international destinations such as Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw, and rest of the Europe.

You can check for the train connections here: PolRail, ÖBB, Rome2Rio, RailCC

You can also reach Vilnius by bus. Check for routes here: FlixBus, getbybus, and Rome2rio.


– By Air:

Being the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius is home to the country’s largest airport (VNO).  With regular flights by airline companies such as LOT Polish Airlines, airBaltic, Wizz Air and Ryanair. There are few direct connections, and most of the flights will have layovers through Warsaw or Riga.

Alternatively, the Kaunas International Airport (KUN) too is located close to Vilnius at 100 kilometres west of Vilnius, in a small town Karmėlava. With more low-cost carriers such as Wizz Air and Ryanair. To reach Vilnius from Kaunas International Airport, there are direct scheduled minibus rides to Vilnius railway station after each arriving flight. 

Moreover, it is possible to take flights to Warsaw or Riga and reach Vilnius by train/bus.

We recommend looking for affordable flight options here and here.




Please, carefully read the Financial Conditions and Reimbursement Rules that we have prepared for you. The document contains all necessary information about travel limits, participation fees, and reimbursement rules. 


More details regarding reimbursement and practicalities (venue, accommodation, etc.), will be shared later with the registered delegates through e-mail.


Register for the 2024 General Assembly

Join us in Vilnius, April 27-28, for the most important political and decision-making event for our network.

Click Here

Call for Executive Committee Members

We are excited to open the call for new Executive Committee for the mandate of 2024-25. This is your chance to join our network as the Executive Committee member and contribute to the growing Green movement in Eastern Europe.

The Executive Committee (EC) is the political body elected by the General Assembly. EC is responsible for running the organisation, making strategic and political decisions, overseeing the implementation of activity & financial plans, communication with member organisations.

The presentation of candidates and election of the new Executive Committee will take place at the General Assembly, 27-28 April in Vilnius, Lithuania. For which you need to be present in-person. We will be covering all related costs for participation (transport, accommodation, etc.)

The candidate should submit:

  • Introduction to your candidacy;

  • Motivation Letter (answering questions such as experience with CDN, vision of development of the organisation, and how would you contribute)

  • CV;

  • Photo;

  • Official letter of support from a Candidate’s organisation or any CDN Member Organisation

*Note that this Application will be publicly available on and be deleted within three months after the end of General Assembly.

The Executive Committee tasks include:

The tasks and responsibilities are decided during the first in-person meeting and each EC member is assigned combination of responsibilities ensuring interests and balance of workload.

  • Making strategic and political decisions;

  • Overseeing and taking part in the implementation of Activity Plan with main responsibility to ensure political and strategic alignment.

  • Maintaining close and continuous communication with Member Organisations through quarterly regional calls, being primary contact and available to MOs via e-mail correspondence, as well as have meetings during in-person events.

  • Representing and promoting CDN during its and partners’ activities;

  • Fulfiling assigned responsibilities such as oversight of external communications, EC coordination, statutory affairs and events, strategy evaluations, etc.

  • Role of treasurer further includes financial oversight and decision-making on financial matters.

  • Organising and actively participating in the regular (biweekly) EC meetings (lasting usually 2h).

 The candidate for the Executive Committee should:

  • Be motivated to advance the Green movement in Eastern Europe;

  • Be dedicated to the goals of CDN, subscribe its political platform and the Green Ideas;

  • Be comfortable working in an international environment and have good communication and organisational skills;

  • Be willing and available for active online engagement throughout the 1 year mandate;

  • Be prepared for frequent travelling, participating in the live committee meetings, CDN activities and likely several other occasions;

  • Be regularly available via the e-mail for ongoing discussions, work and decision-making, together with regular online conferences;

  • Have a good command of English (written and spoken);

  • Have an interest to follow political developments in Eastern Europe and react to them with available tools such as producing statements, organising and supporting campaigns, assisting member and partner organisations, communicating with other Green stakeholders, etc.

Throughout your mandate in CDN Executive Committee you will get:

  • A chance to work for a lively, youth-powered, diverse and and growing Eastern European youth organisation.

  • Getting familiar with youth projects, non-formal education methodologies, and preparing and leading sessions.

  • Deepening understanding of Eastern European political context, and closer look to youth political movements in the region.

  • Frequent travel and exciting activities, networking with wider Green European political family.

  • An opportunity to develop your professional, political, and activist skills and enhance them through practical experience. Including bolstering team-work, public speaking, and leadership skills.


If elected, candidates are asked to stay for the transfer meeting with the current committee and the first EC meeting. Departure day for EC Candidates is the 30th of April. CDN will cover the costs of accommodation for all Candidates, no matter if they are elected or not. Moreover, elected Executive Committee Members will be asked to attend an in-person 3-day EC meeting within the first month following the General Assembly. The exact dates will be decided collectively.

Applications should be submitted on the GA Digital Platform.

The Deadline for submitting candidacies is March 28th, 23:59 CET. However, the earlier you apply the more chance delegates will have to see your candidacy on the platform.

Check more information on practicalities, more detailed information will be provided via e-mail after registration.

Note: In addition to the candidacy-related documents, each Executive Committee candidate needs to fill in the Regisration form for GA attendees as well.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to write to


Executive Committee Candidates

Join us

Vilnius, April 27-28, for the most important political and decision-making event for our network.


Call for new Members of the Network

We are thrilled to announce a call for the membership of our Network which is going to be decided upon by the upcoming General Assembly in Vilnius on April 27-28, 2024.

Any youth organisation that share similar values with CDN and is located and active in Eastern Europe can apply to become Member Organisation.

Here is Membership Criteria as defined by the Internal Rules of Procedure:

General Criteria:

    • Youth organisation (NGO, Youth wing of Green party,
      youth movements, youth of organisations that are dealing
      with issues applicable with CDN aims)

    • Do not need to be registered, but statutes neede

Sustainability criteria:

    • Not one project-based organisation

    • Democratic structure (as understood by the GA on an ad
      hoc basis)

Value and issue criteria:

    • Compatible with CDN Political Platform

    • Open for Green values as a whole, even if actions are
      streamed towards specific issues

More information about CDN, our principles, our documents, work in the past and our plans can be found on the CDN website. Linked you can find CDN StatutesInternal Rules and Procedures and Political Platform.


In order to apply, the organisation must submit:

  • General information, introduction on the application page

  • Filled in the Application form (access here)

  • Statutes of the organisation in English

  • Copy of legal act of registration of the organisation (if applicable)

In addition, if there are any other relevant documents (political platform, manifesto, statements, resolutions) in English that your organisation works accordingly to, it should be submitted as well.

he Deadline for submitting candidacies is March 28, 23:59 CET. However, the earlier you apply the more chance delegates will have to see your candidacy on the platform.

Each candidate organisation’s application will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and a recommendation for the delegates will be written and presented during the General Assembly.

Each Candidate Organisation will be given a chance to present their candidacy at the General Assembly. If the Candidate Organisation doesn’t have a representative at the GA, another way for the presentation of the candidacy will be ensured.

CDN will not be able to cover costs of Candidate organisation. However, you may still request financial assistance for participating in-person, get in touch with our office in advance and we will try to find the best solution on an individual basis.

Applications should be submitted on the GA Digital Platform.

Check more information on practicalities, more detailed information will be provided via e-mail after registration.

Note: In addition to the candidacy-related documents, each candidate organisation represnetative needs to fill in the Regisration form for GA attendees as well.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to write us at

Membership Candidates

Join us

Vilnius, April 27-28, for the most important political and decision-making event for our network.


Call for Host Organisation: General Assembly 2024

We are thrilled to announce an open call for a host organisation for the 2024 General Assembly (GA) scheduled for the end of April.


General Assembly – which is the highest decision-making body – is the most important political event throughout the year for CDN. The GA will elect the new Executive Committee, debate and vote on resolutions, and amendments to internal documents, hear and adopt reports, plans and new Strategy Document 2024-27; as well as, decide on the status of organisations that apply to become part of our Network. We are envisioning to have a 3-day event running from Friday to Sunday (either Apr 19-21 or 26-28).


We are very excited to receive applications from all Member Organisations that believe they have the capacity to host this event. 

In order to have a better understanding of what it takes to organise, what will be the responsibilities as well as the rights, you can access the guiding document HERE. The preparations will be challenging but at the same time very fulfilling and a valuable experience for any organisation. In addition, hosting the General Assembly has several benefits including:

  • gaining experience in hosting an international political event

  • having a space to organise a session during the topical part of the GA

  • visibility via CDN’s social media

Throughout the period you will have the full support of the Executive Committee and Office. Mainly, working with the Secretary General and Office Assistant. 

If your organisation is interested in hosting the 2023 GA, fill in this application form and send to

Deadline: Sunday, 12th of November, midnight.

The application includes information regarding the motivation, previous experience with organising events, and possible propositions for the event (location, accommodation, venue, etc.); your answers will help the committee to decide on the appropriate/suitable location. The decision will be made and communicated by mid-December. 

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at

Open call for Participants: Study Session “Green Perspectives on European Security”

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) and Federation of Young European Greens (FYEG) are announcing a call for participants for the Study Session “Green Perspectives on European Security”.

The event will take place during 23rd-28th October in the European Youth Center Budapest (EYCB), Hungary. Travel dates to and from Budapest are 22nd and 29th October.

With this activity, we aim to empower 35 young Europeans in accessing rights via human rights education, by providing participants with a holistic understanding of security not solely in terms of physical security (i.e. safety) but nutrition, housing, stability, etc.

The aim of the Study Session is to rethink and build a common understanding of security in the context of new global challenges and their intersection, guided by the values of democracy, the rule of law, self-determination, human rights and fundamental freedoms.
 We will achieve this through meeting the following objectives:

  1. Creating intercultural dialogue between youth from different European countries by providing a space to discuss the concept of security and ways to ensure it;

  2. Deepening the participants’ understanding of the current state of affairs of security in Europe;

  3. Analysing the concept of security at the intersection of diverse societal factors, exploring their interrelationships, and effects of the policy decisions on public security;

  4. Assessing the existing approaches to the concept of security and their strengths and weaknesses.

Who should apply?

We are looking for 35 young people, not older than 35, residing in one of the Council of Europe member states, Belarus or Kosovo*.

We encourage applications reflecting diversity in all forms; therefore, we welcome applications from those who identify as women, LGBT+ people, people of color, with migration background or with a different ability.

Participants who have activism experience in working on the security issues and policy making, as well as those interested in starting working on the topic and having high motivation to learn about the content of the Study Session are highly encouraged to apply.

! We strongly discourage the use of ChatGPT and other AI tool while filling out the application. We want your applications to reflect your experience, opinions, and motivation, and the use of AI tools will be taken as a disadvantage when choosing participants. !


Language: The main language of this activity will be English. Nonetheless, not being comfortable interacting in English should not prevent you from applying, majority of us at the event will be non-native speakers and the group will be able to help out if there is some term you might not know!

Costs: The full cost of working materials, visa and lodging (accommodation, food and refreshments) during the event will be covered by the EYCB. The participation fee is 50 EUR. Travel expenses will also be reimbursed, and for selection of travel means we encourage participants to combine the most economic and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions).

DEADLINE for submitting online applications: 20th of August 23:59 CEST. You will be informed about the results of the selection within two weeks after the deadline. Please add to your contacts, so that you do not receive our reply in spam folder.

*All references to Kosovo, whether to the territory, institutions or population, in this text shall be understood in full compliance with the United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1244 and without prejudice to the status of Kosovo.


Call for Preparatory Team: Cross-Regional Meeting for Women and Non-Binary Political Activists

We’re excited to announce a call for members of the preparatory team for our cross-regional meeting of youth wings of Green political parties. The event is taking place 22-24 September, Serbia; Hosted by our member organisation Green Youth of Serbia. 

About the event:

The meeting will bring together approx. 20 young women and non-binary individuals who are members of green political parties and/or their youth wings; the focus will be on members of our network; however, the event will be open for others as well.

This space will provide a platform for sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and addressing the unequal opportunities and barriers faced by women and non-binary individuals in Eastern European politics.

Simultaneously, we will equip participants with the necessary skills for political participation and running for decision-making positions. By providing comprehensive training and resources, we will empower these individuals to actively engage in political processes, both within and outside the party structure.

Additionally, we seek to foster a network of young women and non-binary political activists and politicians. This network will facilitate exchange, collaboration, and mutual learning among its members, further enhancing their collective impact and political influence.

Through these interconnected efforts, we aim to increase the representation and political influence of young women and non-binary individuals within Green political parties in Eastern Europe. By providing a supportive environment, essential skills, and a network for collaboration.

If you are a young woman or someone not of the gender binary under 35 yo, a member of one of CDN member organisations, are politically engaged and passionate about party politics, and want to contribute to shaping the event, apply to join the preparatory team! Prep-team members should speak English, be available during the preparation period, be responsible for fulfilling their tasks, have good organisational skills, be good team players and be committed to the aims of the event, and be more or less familiar with non-formal education methods.

Main responsibilities of the prep team:

  • Active participation in the regular online meetings before the event (July-September / 1-2 h a week);
  • Participation in two extended prep team meetings (online, 5 h);
  • Other meetings scheduled weekly or bi-weekly;
  • Disseminating and assisting in the selection process of participants, ensuring that chosen participants are well-prepared and provided with all necessary information regarding the program.
  • Preparation and facilitation of the programme of the event; designing and preparing sessions based on non-formal education methodology, invitation and communication with speakers, experts and partners in accordance with the project aims;
  • Assisting with the promotion of the event and ensuring media visibility;
  • Full participation during the entire event and prep team meeting before and after: 19th of September, departure on 25th of September.
  • Supporting the finalisation of the outputs;
  • Helping with the reporting of the event.

Being a prep-team member at this event would offer you:

  • Working in a lively international environment;
  • Experience in managing youth projects – preparation, implementation and reporting;
  • Getting to know political activists from different Eastern European contexts and their work;
  • A possibility to develop your leadership and group work skills;
  • A lot of fun!

Practicalities: Accommodation, food, working space, travel and visa costs for the preparatory team will be fully covered by CDN. For the selection of travel means the condition is to combine the most economical and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions).

Deadline for submitting online applications is the 23rd of July, 23:59 CEST. You will be informed by email approximately 2 weeks after the deadline.