General Assembly 2023

The 14th General Assembly of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, took place 9-12 March in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Ostra Zieleń (Polish Young Greens).

Throughout the four days delegates engaged in political and organisational debates, adopted reports & plans, voted for amendments and elected the new Executive Committee.

This year’s GA was exceptionally important for two reasons. We updated statutes with several amendments, including a major change of structure in membership – we opened the door for Eastern European organisations from the EU to be more involved members instead of partners. We also took a moment to reflect on our journey and celebrate CDN’s 20th anniversary with a lively panel discussion.

The following documents were adopted:

We also welcomed new Observer organisation – Neoi Prasinoi – Young Greens of Greece. While with updating statutes, Ostra Zieleń (Polish Young Greens) and Protests became member organisations.

And finally the General Assembly also elected the new Executive Committee.

Watch: Panel Discussion - 20 Years of CDN

Call for Host Organisation: CDN General Assembly 2023

9-12 March, Warsaw, Poland

General Assembly 2023

We are happy to officially announce the 14th General Assembly of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, which will take place between 9-12 March in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Ostra Zieleń (Polish Young Greens).

Save the dates, decide on the delegates and your participation.


Check here

Dear CDN Members and Partner Organisations,

The Executive Committee is hereby announcing an open call for a host organisation for the 2023 General Assembly (GA) and Strategic Planning Meeting scheduled for (time is to be decided between the 3rd or 4th weekends of February or the 1st weekend of March).

General Assembly – which is the highest decision-making body – is the most important political event throughout the year for CDN; while Strategic Planning Meeting will determine the future trajectory and development of the organisation.

We are envisioning having a 3 to 4-day event which only adds to our excitement about holding the GA, finally, live and we will be very happy to receive applications from all MOs and POs that believe they have the capacity to host this event.

In order to have a better understanding of what it takes to organise, and what will be the responsibilities as well as the rights, you can access the guiding document HERE. The preparations will be challenging but at the same time very fulfilling and a valuable experience for any organisation of the network. In addition, hosting the General Assembly has several benefits including:

  • gaining experience in hosting an international political event
  • having a space to organise a session during the topical part of the GA
  • visibility via CDN’s social media

If your organisation is interested in hosting the 2023 GA, fill in this application form.

Deadline: Sunday, 13th of November, 2022.

The application includes information regarding the motivation, previous experience with organising events, and possible propositions for the event (location, accommodation, venue, etc.); your answers will help the committee to decide on the appropriate/suitable location.

Of course, we will follow the COVID-19 situation and organise the GA accordingly, to ensure a safe and inclusive event for all participants.

The Executive Committee will evaluate the applications and make a decision during the committee meeting in November and have a decision by the 20th of November.

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to write to us at

Call for Project Coordinator

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is opening a call for a Project Coordinator position. Project Coordinator is a full-time, paid position, situated in Belgrade, Serbia, in a multicultural work environment. With an expected start time approximately in the middle of November 2022, the position is open for young people (under 35 years old – IRPs 8.4); with knowledge of Eastern European political context and skills in project management. 

Applications will be open until the 16th of October, 23:59 CEST.

Our Political Platform lays out the values on which the Network bases its actions – make sure to get acquainted with it before applying!

Working time: 7.3 hours/day, flexible working hours (some activities will take place during weekends which will be compensated within weekdays).

Remuneration: 920 EUR, gross

Contract type: 2 years with 3 months probation

Location: Belgrade, Serbia

We are looking for someone with the following profile:

  • Substantial experience in a young Green organisation and/or good knowledge of CDN, Green politics and civil society in Eastern Europe;
  • Excellent written and spoken English; 
  • Excellent organisational skills, ability to multi-task and work under high pressure and with tight deadlines;
  • Good communication skills and experience in NFE event facilitation and moderation;
  • Ability to work in an international environment;
  • Willingness to engage in frequent travels, to have flexible working hours – long working days and work during the weekends when needed;
  • Fully understanding and respecting CDN documents (Statutes, Political Platform, IRPs, Safe Space Policy) and values.

Attributing assets that can elevate your chance of filling the position include:

  • Additional experience in youth and voluntary organisations or NGOs, especially on the international level;
  • Knowledge of any Eastern European languages;
  • Enhanced computer skills, including the use of free and open source software (Linux, Nextcloud, Libreoffice);
  • Previous engagement with CDN and/or with other Green political structures;
  • Previous project coordination and project management experience.

What CDN offers:

  • To work in a lively, friendly, international, young and Green environment;
  • The opportunity to enhance your knowledge of European and Green politics and youth work;
  • Frequent travel and exciting activities;
  • The opportunity to network in the Green movement;
  • Many opportunities for learning and gaining new skills.

The Project Coordinator’s responsibilities include:

  • Writing project applications and fundraising;
  • Facilitating the work of the preparatory teams;
  • Implementing activities, delivering the sessions, managing the stressful and safe space cases at the events;
  • Evaluation of the events with the PT;
  • Narrative and financial reporting;
  • Communication with the funders;
  • Working with the EC, MOs and POs of CDN as well as the WGs on the new ideas of projects;
  • Working on the outputs from the projects, e.g. publications, podcasts, videos, etc.
  • Overseeing the work of the Activity Assistants (if applicable);
  • Participating in strategic work of CDN Secretariat and Executive Committee.

NOTE: The newly selected PC will have to attend the live ECM in Budapest, Hungary on the 14-16th of November. 

Not having a work permit in Serbia should not stop you from applying for this position. CDN will support the new Project Coordinator with residence and work permit applications.

To apply, send an e-mail to with the subject line Project Coordinator Application – (Name&Surname), with the following documents attached:

– Your CV

– Examples and references of your past work, e.g. projects, their applications, reports, articles, publications, etc., as well as contact details of 2 referees (preferably former employers, supervisors or tutors);

 – A motivation letter, explaining how your experiences match the profile, how you can contribute to CDN and your vision of the role of CDN as an Eastern European youth organisation. Emphasise especially your experiences with CDN and/or other Young Green organisations, and how this position fits within your current living situation. Try to stay below 3000 characters.

We will contact the shortlisted candidates 2 weeks after the deadline and invite them for an interview.

For more information about CDN and/or this call, please contact .

In case of applying, make sure to add to your contacts, to avoid our reply getting into spam.

Call for speakers “Future of green peace and security” 

CDN is opening the call for speakers for the series of webinars.

Working time: Session length – 1,5 hours; online work before the event (~2 hours).

Remuneration: EUR 70 per webinar.

We are looking for someone with the following profile: 

  • Excellent written and spoken English;
  • Efficient communication skills (in online settings);
  • Experience in activism is an asset;
  • Comprehensive understanding and respect for Green values

We are looking for trainers for the following webinars:

1. Youth mobilisation during the war: volunteering in the medical, informational and humanitarian sectors

Date: 20th of October 

(Closed webinar only for CDN MOs, POs, WGs and Hang arounds)

2. Achieving peace in Ukraine

What does peace mean for Ukraine? Is there peace in the territories occupied by Russia? Why does being pro-peace now mean supporting the Ukrainian army? Why is it necessary to provide Ukraine with weapons? And who does it, how and why? Can Ukraine use weapons only for self-defence and not for attack?

Date: 27th of October 

3. Military security in Eastern Europe

Eastern European view of NATO and alternatives to the Alliance (including potential ones). Consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war for other Eastern Europe countries. Increasing militarisation in the world.

Date: 3rd of November

4. Role of sanctions on Russia 

A broad discussion on sanctions against aggressor states. Collective responsibility of citizens. What is the need for an embargo on Russian goods and cancellation of Russian products (both tangible and intangible) in a democratic world? What is the need to stop exporting to Russia?

Date: 17th of November

Deadline: 10th of November

5. Digital perspective of security: digital security, information warfare, cyber attacks on individuals, organisations and states supporting Ukraine, personal data security during wartime. 

Date: 1st of December

Deadline: 24th of November

6. City as a Battleground

How cities affect the course of military hostilities. Challenges and threats to cities during the war. The importance of grassroots initiatives and urban communications during war and occupation.

Date: 15th of December

Deadline: 8th of December

7. Gender perspective of war 

Gender perspective of war and peacebuilding. Women in war. Positions of different feminist movements on Russian-Ukrainian war and peacebuilding.

Date: 29th of December 

Deadline: 22nd of December


We encourage Eastern Europeans, Women, queer people and people from other marginalised groups to apply. Payment for the service will be done via bank transfer within 2 weeks after the event.

If you are interested, send your CV, and short (0,5-page) bio/presentation of your experience in the webinar topic to by the 2nd of October at 23:59 CET. 

The selected candidates will be contacted within a week after the deadline and invited for a call with the members of the preparatory team of the activity to continue working on the webinar together. 

Please add to your contacts, so that you do not receive our reply in the spam folder.

Call for designer “Future of green peace and security”

CDN is opening the call for the Visual Designer for project “Future of green peace and security”. 

This is a paid, remote position, starting from the mid October 2022. We are accepting applications by the 2nd of October 23:59 CET.

Remuneration: EUR 250 for visual design of the visuals for the social-media posts (outputs and slogans of 8 webinars).

We are looking for someone with the following profile: 

  • Good written and spoken English;
  • Experience with visual design of info-graphics and social-media posts;
  • Experience in activism is an asset;
  • Comprehensive understanding and respect of Green values;
  • Younger than 35 at the moment of applying.


We encourage Eastern Europeans, women, queer people and people from other marginalised groups to apply. Payment for the service will be done via bank transfer within 2 weeks’ time after the event.

The interested candidates are invited to send their CV and portfolio to by 2nd of October 23:59 CET

The selected candidates will be contacted within a week after the deadline and invited for a call with the members of the preparatory team of the activity to set the work-flow and discuss details. Please add to your contacts, so that you do not receive our reply in the spam folder.

Call for articles – Publication “We are here now!”

The project “We are the future, but we are here now!” opened a space for a discussion and questions — What are the barriers young people in Central and Eastern Europe face while participating in the civic and political processes in their home countries? What are the tools for non-violent involvement? What kind of local activities should we do to improve young people’s lives in the region? 

During the project, we heard many inspiring stories, opinions and theories from young people in Eastern Europe, and we believe it is time to gather these stories for our publication!

The current ageist approach towards youth participation is the cause of our voices not being heard in the debates and decisions on things that actively affect us and our future. The “future generation” is here now, and we have the right to express our needs and demands. People often use the argument of immaturity and lack of experience to silence young people’s voices. 

With this publication, we want to give space to the youth from Central and Eastern Europe and hear diverse opinions on the life of the young people in their communities, inspiring cases and touching stories.

We are looking for:

  • Topical stories of your local youth experience of doing civic and political activism;
  • Research, observations and analysis on the condition of youth and participation levels
  • Interviews with the local politicians working on youth policy;
  • Analysis of the current political events relevant to the author’s country and how it is affecting youth;
  • Fiction, including satire;
  • Any other topic you think would fit this publication

Technical requirements for the articles:

  • Something that has not been already broadly written (talked) about;
  • The full articles should not exceed 10 000-12 000 characters;
  • Have a logical structure and flow;
  • Use UK English;
  • Feel free to experiment with the format: your piece can be not only an article but also a video, a podcast, a comic, a poem, a fairy tale, etc.


After the deadline, the editorial board will read the proposals and prepare comments. The editorial board will send comments two weeks after the deadline. The authors will have 1 week to reply to the comments. After that, authors can start their work on the articles. They will have 4 weeks to finalise and send the stories to the editorial team. After this, we would agree on the final form of the written pieces and send the publication to the designer. The editorial board will upload the articles on the CDN website as single articles. CDN will distribute the printed publication.

If you want to be a part of this publication, send a summary of your proposal (maximum 2 000 characters ) by the 14th of September, 23:59 CEST to Please, do not hesitate to ask us questions if you have any. Please add to your contacts so that you do not receive our reply in the spam folder.

Feminists in the Environmental Movement

Our planet is in danger, and those fighting for their homes daily are not heard! Local Reporters in 7 countries of Central and Eastern Europe have visited the areas harmed by climate change and harsh industries, and listened to the inspiring stories of young women living in rural areas. 

We will hear their perspectives and discuss the intersection of feminist and environmental movements trough different lenses they discovered in local stories. 

Read about the project Feminists in the Environmental Movement here.

Local reporters will amplify their voices in an online presentation and discussion on Friday, 26th August at 18:00 CEST.

Join the discussion with Anamarija, Natalya, Özge, Elena, Karla, Palina and Maja:

Meeting ID: 819 2227 0797

Passcode: 782886

Get Involved With YOUR Ideas!

Do you wish to organise an online discussion or a webinar? Do you dream of creating social media campaign? Now it’s time to make your ideas come to life!

CDN has created the ‘Get Involved With YOUR Ideas’ application, where you can submit your online proposals.

Proposals can include ideas for CDN Working Group activities, team building and training sessions on fundraising, organising, social media and other topics. 

How to make this possible?

Press the ‘Apply Here’ button below and fill out the questionnaire. 

Executive Committee will review your application and notify if your idea is accepted. 

If the answer is positive, CDN will help you to realise your idea and promote the activity within the network.

What is the deadline for submission?

There is no specific deadline. We are accepting applications throughout the year. However, be mindful of the time frame of the ongoing CDN activities.

Do not hesitate to apply. We are excited to receive your proposals and hopefully work together to make your ideas come to life!


Open call for Participants: Study Session “Green Cities for Sustainable Planet” 

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is announcing a call for participants for the Study SessionGreen Cities for Sustainable Planet.

The event will take place from 7th to 12th of November 2022 in the European Youth Centre in Budapest, Hungary. The arrival date for the participants is 6th and departure date is 13th.

With this activity we aim to empower 35 young Eastern Europeans in tackling climate change through exploring the intersectionality of globalisation, capitalism and environmental issues – this event will provide a holistic approach towards climate change by focusing on communities, economy, human rights and urbanism and support the participants in developing new attitudes towards climate change, through exploring how governments, businesses and citizens can enable the urban and economic shift to a greener transition. 

This will be done by meeting the following objectives:

  • To deepen participants’ understanding of climate change by exploring the role that cities should play in fighting climate crisis and how latter is connected to urbanization and post-growth economics;
  • To equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice and advocate for city-level climate, economic and social justice;
  • To provide the participants with the space to create a practical guide on transitioning one’s lifestyle and living environment into a more green and environmentally friendly one. 

You can read more about the project on this page.

Continue reading

Call for Executive Committee Member

Dear Young Greens from Eastern Europe,

Following the news that Paula “Pablo” Luīze Pastore is joining Secretariat, we are happy to announce a call for a new Executive Committee Member that will fill in the vacant spot and work with the rest of the EC until the next General Assembly.

This is your chance to contribute to the growing Green movement in Eastern Europe.

The Executive Committee tasks:

  • Work on the implementation of CDN’s Activity Plan, approved by the General Assembly (including project writing, coordination, implementation and reporting);
  • The newly elected EC member will be responsible for the Study Session “Green Cities for the Sustainable Planet”; make sure to check out the responsibilities here;
  • Maintaining close and continuous communication with CDN Member and Partner
     Organisations and Network Partners;
  • Actively following and supporting the smooth work-flow of the Working Groups;
  • Representing and promoting CDN during its and partners’ activities as well as in the digital
  • Answering challenges and making decisions throughout the year, between GAs, based on the CDN Strategy and CDN’s best interest;
  • Actively participating in the regular (biweekly) EC meetings (that usually last around 2h).
  • Keeping track of the well-being of CDN’s Office.

The candidate for the Executive Committee should:

  • Be motivated to advance the Green movement in the Eastern Europe;
  • Be dedicated to the goals of CDN, subscribe to its political platform and the Green Idea;
  • Be comfortable working in an international environment and have good communication and organisational skills;
  • Be willing and available for active online engagement throughout the mandate;
  • Be prepared for frequent traveling, participating in the live EC meetings, CDN activities and likely several other occasions;
  • Be regularly available on the e-mail for the ongoing discussions, work and decision making, together with regular online meetings;
  • Have a good command of English (written and spoken);
  • Have the interest to follow political developments in Eastern Europe and react to them with available tools such as producing statements, organising and supporting campaigns, assisting member and partner organisations, communicating with other Green stakeholders, etc.

More details about the responsibilities of CDN EC members and the election procedure can be found in the CDN Statutes and Internal Rules of Procedures

The candidate should submit:

  • Filled Application form;
  • Candidate’s CV;
  • Photo (Optional);
  • Introduction to your candidacy;
  • Official letter of support from a Candidate’s organisation or any CDN Member or Partner organisation*

*Only CDN Member and Partner organisations can nominate a candidate for the Executive Committee.

Applications should be submitted HERE.

All technical instructions are given on our GA website but you can also access them HERE.

DEADLINE for submitting candidacies is July 13, 23:59 CET. However, the earlier you apply the more chance delegates will have to see your candidacy on

In case of any questions do not hesitate to write to