Balkan Regional Meeting 2022 – Call for PT

During the past few years, we have seen an unprecedented surge of environmental and urban protests, followed by the establishment and surprising success of Green political parties in the Balkans.

Balkan Regional Meeting (BRM) will tackle the Rise of Green parties in the Balkans and is organised for CDN’s member organisations based in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia, and other Green activists from the Balkan region. The regional meeting will be hosted by our MO Youth Movement Revolt and take place in Bosnia and HerzegovinaMay 20-22, when the arrival date for the PT  is 17th and Departure 24.

With the meeting, we aim to discuss the emergence of Green political parties in the Balkans, the grounds and roots on which they were founded, policy priorities and structures, the importance of youth involvement and the role of civil society, as well as will focus on the skills and tools needed to participate in politics and increase influence. 

In order to achieve these objectives, we are looking for motivated members of our Balkan MOs to join the Preparatory Team (PT) and help us prepare for the upcoming event! Hereby, we would like to offer you the opportunity to apply for the PT. Prep-team members should speak English, be available during the preparation period, be responsible for fulfilling their tasks, have good organizational and digital skills, be good team players and committed to the aims of the project and CDN’s values and be familiar with non-formal education methods. Background knowledge on the political landscape, involvement with the mentioned Green parties, peculiarities of the Balkans and previous experience with CDN activities is a benefit but is not necessary.


Main responsibilities of the prep-team:

  1. Active participation in the regular online meetings prior to the event (2-3 hour meetings every two weeks);
  2. Preparation of participants for the event and providing them with all the necessary information regarding the program;
  3. Preparation and facilitation of the programme of the event; designing and preparing sessions based on non-formal education methodology, invitation and communication with speakers, experts, trainers and partners in accordance with the project aims;
  4. Taking care of the general well-being of the participants;
  5. Full participation during the entire event and prep team meeting before and after the event in May (18-19, arrival on 17th, )
  6. Supporting the finalisation of the outputs;
  7. Helping with the reporting of the event.


Being a prep-team member at the CDN event would offer you:

  • Working in a lively environment;
  • Experience in managing events – preparation, implementation and reporting;
  • Getting familiar with Green values and CDN work;
  • Getting to know local activists and their work, as well as connecting with other MOs in the Balkan region;
  • A possibility to develop your facilitation and group work skills;
  • A lot of work and a lot of fun!



Accommodation, food, working space and travel costs for the PT will be fully covered. For the selection of travel means the condition is to combine the most economic and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions). 

In case you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us:

Deadline: Sunday, March 27th, 23:59.