Belarusian authorities stop denying the COVID-19!

While countries in Europe and all over the world have been imposing quarantine and lockdowns, and calling the state of emergency, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Belarus.

Even though the World Health Organization rung the alarm bell of the Coronavirus global pandemic, that requires extra precaution measures, Belarusian authorities keep denying the statistics, calling the virus as “nothing other than a psychosis”.

Find below the statement written by Belarus Young Greens on the situation in Belarus and the call for international bodies to hold the authorities in Belarus accountable:

“Belarusian Young Greens demand real actions from the authorities to protect the safety and health of Belarusian citizens. We believe that the situation in Belarus has reached the point where it is necessary to declare a quarantine. We also demand to provide true information about the situation with COVID-19 and stop playing the Chernobyl scenario in the country.

Two days ago, one of the doctors who now works in a hospital in Vitebsk and saves people, was called to the Prosecutors office for a “conversation” because of her honest post on social networks about the situation with coronavirus. We believe that this is unacceptable, as well as any pressure that is currently being exerted on people who are working and risking their lives in order to save and protect the lives of Belarusian citizens.

In addition, people who are forced to work without the precarious measurements, should be provided with the necessary equipment: masks, ventilators and everything else needed.

We consider it unacceptable that people do not have the opportunity to know the true official statistic, because without knowing them, we can not form an understanding of the level of the problem and the danger to our lives, the lives of our loved ones, friends and families. The fact that the number of patients with pneumonia has increased 2-3 times in the country, also raises many questions.

There is no quarantine in Belarus and the lack of information can lead to very terrible consequences: hospitals may not be able to handle the influx of patients.

We consider the statements of the head of the country about COVID-19 to be the height of irresponsibility. At a time when almost the entire world is in a state of emergency and under quarantine, Lukashenko is only worried about the money lost and “conspiracy theories” against Belarus. The president’s statements raise many questions about his ability to assess the situation soberly. Instead of advising the citizens to self-isolate themselves and start taking constructive actions to improve the situation with COVID-19, he advises drinking vodka, going to sauna, or riding a tractor.

It may be funny, but we don’t laugh anymore. We live here!

We ask our international colleagues to spread information about the situation in Belarus. We hope that sharp reaction of representatives of different countries will focus attention on the problem among the Belarusian authorities”.

Belarusian Young Greens