Call for articles – Publication “Cities for all”

The project “Cities for all” opened the space for the discussion on the main questions – who can be the main actor of the urban changes and how those can be brought to life. According to the discussions of those that took active participation in the first two phases of the project – the solution is in people, in the transparent public decision-making, in accessible information and contacts with the local authorities, in the freedom to express the opinion about the burning urban issues and truly participatory practices. During the project, we heard many inspiring stories, opinions, theories and hopes from the young people from all around Eastern Europe and we believe it’s time to gather them for our publication!

The modern concept of urban design should have become a part of activist agenda around 150 years ago, with the emergence of the first big cities as we know them. But unfortunately, we are only now starting to understand how important the topic is for the whole globe. Since urbanism appeared as a discussion point in the public discourse, the main decisions and directions were defined by able bodied, heterosexual cisgender men. We as Greens consider, that the cities should be planned for everyone and by everyone. 2021 is the right time to start shifting the paradigm and discovering new ways of making our cities more inclusive and equal for all.

What we are looking for:

  • Topical stories of your local urban experience of making the city a more inclusive space;
  • Topical researches, observations and analysis;
  • Interviews with the professionals in the field;
  • Fiction, including satire.

Technical requirements for the articles:

  • Something that has not been already vastly written (talked) about;
  • The full articles should not exceed approximately 10 000-12 000 characters;
  • Have a logical structure and flow;
  • Use UK English;
  • Feel free to experiment with the format: your piece can be not only an article but also a video, a podcast, a comic, a poem, a fairy tale, etc.

In case you are interested to be published in the annual CDN publication, send a short summary of your proposal by the 16th of September, 23:-59 CEST to Please, do not hesitate to write us questions, if you have any and Please add to your contacts, so that you do not receive our reply in the spam folder.