Call for host: CDN General Assembly 2018

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe AISBL (CDN) is announcing a call for a host of CDN General Assembly 2018.

General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body of CDN that gathers annually and brings decisions regarding the upcoming plans, activities, and strategies. The GA adopts documents such as Political Platform, Internal Rules of Procedure, Activity Plans and Repors, and elects new Executive Committee.

The host organisation will be responsible for the technical coordination of the meeting with support of the Office of CDN. The Executive Committee will be responsible for agenda of the GA, while the local host organisation has an opportunity to organise a session/public event for the delegates and guests. It is CDN’s obligation to financially support the organisation of the General Assembly. Nevertheless fund-raising assistance from local host will be highly appreciated.

The exact date of the General Assembly is not set and it will be decided together with the host organisation. Our aim is to organise the General Assembly during the second half of February 2018.

If your organisation has capacities, time and motivation required to host the General Assembly, you are more than welcome to apply! All you need is to fill the APPLICATION FORM by 10th November 2017. Please, consult the document on Rights and Responsibilities of Hosts of CDN GA before applying.

Do not hesitate to contact us at should you have any questions about the call or the application form.

The Executive Committee of CDN will evaluate the applications and take a decision in December 2017.

Best regards,

The Executive Committee of CDN