Call For MO Direct Support

Dear Member Organisations,

As announced during the General Assembly, we are happy to open the call for direct financial support to your activities!

In case you are planning (internal or external) activities between July and November 2021 and you have uncovered costs, we are happy to let you know that CDN might be able to help! Perhaps you need a venue/working room we can rent for you, a movie you have to buy online, an experienced trainer for strategic planning or similar that we can pay for or some travel/accommodation’s costs to be covered? If this is the case, then take a look at this call. Please bear in mind that this call is envisioned as a contribution/support to your work, so at the moment of applying you should already have a clear idea and developed programme of the activity, as well as the rest of the funding ensured. We can cover your costs up to around 1200 EUR, but feel free to apply for smaller or bigger amounts as final decisions will be brought up by the EC on the basis of the assessment of the application and other circumstances.

Who can apply?
This call is for CDN Member Organisations only.

When is the deadline?
There is no deadline for applying for the support. However, you have to apply at least six weeks prior to the activity taking place. Also, supported activities cannot take place after 30th of November 2021.

What types of activities can be covered?
Whatever that your organisation is doing as long as the costs are properly documented (see below). So, it can be a contribution to a seminar, a protest that you are organising or some internal event like GA or Strategic Planning Meeting.

What costs can be covered?
We can cover travel, accommodation, meals, venue, trainer/lecturer fees, online tools, stationery, printing materials, PCR tests etc. Bear in mind that for each cost we will need all original financial documentation (bills, slips, tickets, contracts, proofs of payments, etc.) sent by post no later than a week before the event ends. We will not be able to reimburse costs with insufficient documentation.

What costs cannot be covered?
We cannot cover staff fees, office rent, office equipment and costs for which valid proof of payment cannot be issued.

How to apply and when to expect a response?
Fill in THIS application form and BUDGET at least six weeks prior to the activity taking place and send them to keeping in cc EC member that is the contact person for your MO. CDN Executive Committee will assess the applications and come back to you within 2 weeks since the moment you’ve applied. EC might come back to you with clarification questions and EC decides on the final conditions and amount for the financial support. Distribution of the budget will depend on the number of organisations that approach us with proposals, so feel free to express your needs, but also be ready that we might not be able to support you fully.
Once you got approval from our side, we will send you the contract and elaborated financial conditions document. CDN Office Assistant will be there to support you with financial reporting and the Network Coordinator and EC member that is the contact person for your organisation will be your reference point for any other matters related to the application.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Bear in mind that we cannot transfer you money in advance. This means that you will have to cover the costs and will get reimbursed ONLY after we have received, final report and financial documentation sent by post to our office in Belgrade. There is also a possibility to do some transfers on your behalf (e.g. directly pay trainers or venue/accommodation).
In case you have any questions regarding this call, do not hesitate to write to

Finally, we would like to remind you that CDN remains at your disposal for other types of support apart from the financial one. If you need recommendation for a trainer, tool, methodology, support in raising visibility of your activities and similar, feel free to reach out to the EC member that is your contact point for CDN.

Best regards,
CDN Executive Committee and Secretariat