Call for new Members of the Network

Dear Young Greens and Activists,

We would like to announce a call for the membership of our Network which is going to be decided upon by the upcoming General Assembly in Poland from 9-12th March 2023.

According to the Statutes, an organisation of young people with Green values, based in a country that hadn’t been a member of the European Union prior to the 1st of January 2007 can apply to be a Member Organisation. Organisations not fitting in the prior criteria can apply as Partner or Observer Organisations (see our Statutes and IRPs for more information on the profile of MOs, POs and OOs).

More information about CDN, our principles, our documents, work in the past and our plans can be found on the CDN website. Linked you can find CDN Statutes, Internal Rules and Procedures and Political Platform.

In order to apply, the organisation must submit:

  • General information, introduction on the application page
  • Filled in the Application form (access here)
  • Statutes of the organisation in English
  • Copy of legal act of registration of the organisation (if applicable)

In addition, if there are any other relevant documents (political platform, manifesto, statements, resolutions) in English that your organisation works accordingly to, it should be submitted as well.


The Deadline for submitting candidacies is February 7th extended until 22nd February, 23:59 CET. However, the earlier you apply the more chance delegates will have to see your candidacy on the platform.

Each candidate organisation’s application will be reviewed by EC and a recommendation for the delegates will be written and presented during the General Assembly.

Each Candidate Organisation will be given a chance to present their candidacy at the General Assembly. If the Candidate Organisation doesn’t have a representative at the GA, another way for the presentation of the candidacy will be ensured.

If you need financial assistance for participating in-person, get in touch with our office in advance and will try to find the best solution on an individual basis.

Applications should be submitted on the GA Digital Platform.

Check more information on practicalities, more detailed information will be provided via e-mail after registration.

Note: In addition to the candidacy-related documents, each candidate organisation represnetative needs to fill in the Regisration form for GA attendees as well.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to write us at


Executive Committee Candidates

Join us

Warsaw, March 9-12, for the most important political and decision-making event for our network.