Call for participants: “Green Training” and “Green Policies”

CDN is welcoming you to take part in a series of trainings titled “Green Training and Green Policies”. It will consist of two activities, which will take place in Ukraine this autumn. We are planning to gather 25 young activists who have strong ties to or are willing to become a part of the Green Movement, coming from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The deadline for submitting the application is 20th of August.

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During these trainings, we will have a chance to explore the Green idea, Green Movement and supporting mechanisms of the Green European family. Furthermore, we are going to explore ways of influencing policy in the region.

If you are completely new to the topic, or you would like to get familiar with what Green politics are, this training is for you!

What do Greens stand for?

The Green political movement grew out of the anti-war movements during the Cold War (such as the demonstrations opposing the Vietnam war) as well as the 1968 movements against bureaucratic elites, repressive regimes, colonization and for human rights, social progression and peace. Thus the Green family is diverse: it includes environmental activists, left leaning economists, social democrats, social movement activists ranging from feminists and LGBTQ+ activists to Worker’s Unions fighting against income inequality, organic farmers, human right NGOs and ecological academics etc.

At the center of the ideology is sustainability, social justice and representative democracy. Due to these principles, Greens demand social solidarity in the form of progressive taxation; income equality; an end to a colonial look at global politics; transition to renewable energy sources; ecological consciousness in political decision making; emancipation and awareness of ones human rights and the expansion of those for achieving a more peaceful, educated and just society.

If you wish to learn more and more in depth about what Greens do, who they are, and how Green minded policies can shape the societies in the region, apply now!


Green Training

September 15-18

The first training will concentrate on providing you with a better understanding of the Green Movement and ideology. Here you will find the answers to all your questions connected to this topic, for example:

·         who are the greens?

·         what do they stand for?

·         What are the Green pillars for grassroots movement?

·         what can I do in my organisation?

We will be discussing burning issues of local activism and find possible solutions.


Greening Policy

November* (*dates to be announced)

In the final, second part of the series, we are going to switch to a specific topic from the general Green idea, relevant for the Region’s Green political development.  The topic will be decided upon between the two trainings, during the online learning process, according to the participants’ proposals.

What you can expect to accomplish from these trainings?

·         Deepen the understanding of Green values and Green Idea in the region

·         Explore the ways in which Green activism is connected to Green Politics

·         Explore networking as an important part of a growing movement

·         Examine ways of influencing policy

·         Develop new cooperation


  • Accommodation and meals during the trainings, working materials as well as travel costs to Ukraine, are fully covered by the organisers. Please, note that participants will be sharing multiple-bed rooms in a youth hostel.
  • Selected participants are expected to take a part in both trainings.
  • The working languages of the trainings are Russian and English. The translation is going to be provided, if needed.

NOTE: The call is open only for applicants coming from Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us at with in cc.

 APPLY HERE! (DL 20 August)