Call for Participants: Organisational Management Webinar Series

If your Member Organisation has faced the issues of generation change and transfer of knowledge, attracting new members and keeping them engaged in your work, structure and forming internal documents, then this call is for you! CDN keeps taking down barriers for members to participate and contribute to its activities. This time we would like to diverse our capacity building work through the webinar series.

During this series, we will try to fill in the gaps and explore the best practices for organisations to further develop a sustainable approach to (1)membership, (2)transfer of knowledge and (3)structures and documents. All modules are composed of online trainings, games, and follow-up activities in between each episode. In addition, we will be hosting experts who will guide us through each module and constantly give feedback to tasks given within webinars.

Webinars are going to take place in the following order:

25th of June – Membership and Recruiting

The first webinar will concentrate on membership management with a structural approach to it. What are the methodologies to make our membership wider? How can we make the green idea more popular and attract the activists and supporters? What to do with new members, how to include them in the process of organisational work that already has been started? We will discuss these and other subjects and put concrete goals that we will have to accomplish before the next webinar.

August- Transfer of Knowledge

At this, second meeting we will briefly sum up the results of our activity in the period between 1st and 2nd webinar, what has been done in each of the MOs, what are the DOs and DON’Ts and what has a space for improvement. We will sum up this into a recommendation pack and after this start the second part of the webinar – Transfer of Knowledge. We will discuss how the process is taking place in our organisations and how this process should ideally look like. What are the existing practices in other organisations? How do we keep the activists busy and motivated at the same time? How do we make sure the knowledge is shared among every person in the organisation? How can we make our organisations inclusive? After this, we will set up a timeline for actions that have to be done before the next webinar. Till the 3rd webinar, the communication will be continued on an online platform.

December- Structures and Documents

In the last webinar, we will talk about the structures that organisations can have; we will also discuss the role of structures, importance of different political platforms, IRPs, bodies of the organisation, different positions (spokespersons, treasurers, etc), the professionalisation, and growth of the movements.


What can you expect to get from these webinars?

– to get comprehensive knowledge on alternative tools about organisation management
– to learn different practices about organisational structure, recruiting new members and member(ship) management
– to discover different structures, governing bodies and lifehacks to manage an organisation
– to get the know-how of developing your own membership strategy and organisational documents
– to learn efficient and effective ways of knowledge management (the role of documents, databases, human interactions etc.)


What do we expect from you?

-To be fully present in each webinar episode,
-To be fully responsible for completion of the tasks given between each webinar episode,
-To contribute to the follow-up work and creation of the recommendation pack.


We are looking for participants from Member and/or Partner Organisations of CDN who are passionate and curious about organisational structures, membership management, and online working tools, whose values are in line with the values of the Green movement. We would give priority to members who are responsible or will be responsible in future for organisational and/or membership management. The exact dates for the 2nd and 3rd webinars will be decided together with the participants.


To apply, please fill in this application form by 15th of June Midnight CET. If you have any question please feel free to get in touch with or