Call for Participants: “The Glass Ceiling Is Not Your Limit”

Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe and Federation of Young European Greens are excited to announce call for participants for the study session The Glass Ceiling Is Not Your Limit, which will take place from 5th to the 9th November 2018 (4th and 10th are travel dates) at the European Youth Center in Budapest, Hungary.

What is this study session about?

With this study session we want to specifically focus on the participation of people who identify as women, trans and/or gender queer in political, business and social structures. Statistics show that they are still severely underrepresented in the top management of companies, in national parliaments and governments in Europe and worldwide. Our societies are organized based on patriarchal and masculine values and needs, which prevents other genders from progressing. We want to explore and analyze the patriarchal patterns that prevent equal opportunities based on gender discrimination and to support participants to organize themselves and change their environment in order to remove barriers and enable their participation in political, business and social structures.

The objectives of this study session are:

  • To identify and counteract master suppression techniques*
  • To find ways how to employ resources in the purpose of reaching gender equality
  • To build solidarity among different social actors

*Master suppression techniques are strategies of social manipulation by which a dominant person or group maintains such a position in a hierarchy.

The working language of the training will be English.

Who should apply?

We are looking for young women, trans and/or genderqueer people between 16 and 30 years old residing in one of the Council of Europe states, Belarus and Kosovo, who are interested in and eager to learn more on strengthening capacities of young leaders who identify as women, trans, and/or genderqueer to tackle structural challenges and obstacles for gender-equal leadership.

We encourage applications reflecting diversity in all forms. Members of LGBTQI+ community are especially encouraged to apply. Please keep in mind that this call is only open to people who identify as women, trans and/or genderqueer.

Each participant must pay a participation fee of 50 Euro. The participation fee will be deducted from the reimbursement of the participants’ travel expenses. If the fee exceeds the travel expenses, the difference shall be paid in cash to the EYF Secretariat during the activity. Travel costs and visa costs will be fully covered. Accommodation and food will be provided by European Youth Center during the time of Study Session. Please refer to European Youth Center’s financial regulations regarding travel.

Participants should arrive to Budapest on 4th of November and depart on 10th  November.

You can apply using this application form.

Deadline for submitting applications is 16th September 2018, Sunday, midnight CET.

In case you have any questions, feel free to reach us by writing to