Call for speakers “Future of green peace and security”

CDN is opening the call for speakers for the series of webinars.

Working time: Session length – 1,5 hours; online work before the event (~2 hours).

Remuneration: EUR 70 per webinar.

We are looking for someone with the following profile: 

  • Excellent written and spoken English;
  • Efficient communication skills (in online settings);
  • Experience in activism is an asset;
  • Comprehensive understanding and respect for Green values

We are looking for trainers for the following webinars:

1. Youth mobilisation during the war: volunteering in the medical, informational and humanitarian sectors

Date: 20th of October 

(Closed webinar only for CDN MOs, POs, WGs and Hang arounds)

2. Achieving peace in Ukraine

What does peace mean for Ukraine? Is there peace in the territories occupied by Russia? Why does being pro-peace now mean supporting the Ukrainian army? Why is it necessary to provide Ukraine with weapons? And who does it, how and why? Can Ukraine use weapons only for self-defence and not for attack?

Date: 27th of October 

3. Military security in Eastern Europe

Eastern European view of NATO and alternatives to the Alliance (including potential ones). Consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian war for other Eastern Europe countries. Increasing militarisation in the world.

Date: 3rd of November

4. Role of sanctions on Russia 

A broad discussion on sanctions against aggressor states. Collective responsibility of citizens. What is the need for an embargo on Russian goods and cancellation of Russian products (both tangible and intangible) in a democratic world? What is the need to stop exporting to Russia?

Date: 17th of November

Deadline: 10th of November

5. Digital perspective of security: digital security, information warfare, cyber attacks on individuals, organisations and states supporting Ukraine, personal data security during wartime. 

Date: 1st of December

Deadline: 24th of November

6. City as a Battleground

How cities affect the course of military hostilities. Challenges and threats to cities during the war. The importance of grassroots initiatives and urban communications during war and occupation.

Date: 15th of December

Deadline: 8th of December

7. Gender perspective of war 

Gender perspective of war and peacebuilding. Women in war. Positions of different feminist movements on Russian-Ukrainian war and peacebuilding.

Date: 29th of December 

Deadline: 22nd of December


We encourage Eastern Europeans, Women, queer people and people from other marginalised groups to apply. Payment for the service will be done via bank transfer within 2 weeks after the event.

If you are interested, send your CV, and short (0,5-page) bio/presentation of your experience in the webinar topic to

The selected candidates will be contacted within a week after the deadline and invited for a call with the members of the preparatory team of the activity to continue working on the webinar together. 

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