We are opening the call for the applications for the second activity within our annual work plan “Bring your tote-bag, but smash the system!”. The call for the applications for climate campaigns is an opportunity for the youth organisations or a group of young people that participated in the previous stage of the project (but not only!) to submit the applications consisting of the Climate Campaigns Application and Draft Budget.

The 2nd part of the annual work plan aims to empower young people from the Eastern Europe to bring the systemic change in their local communities and regions. This will be achieved by reaching the following objectives:

1. providing the young activists with an opportunity to practically apply gained knowledge.
2. providing the young activists with an opportunity to influence relevant stakeholders and climate crisis related processes across Eastern European countries.
3. showcasing different practices of fighting for climate justice in countries of the Eastern Europe with different levels of shrinking space for the civil society.

We will provide funding for climate campaigns in 10 different countries through a 5-month period of preparation, implementation and reporting. In this period, CC organisers will create an activity which will contribute to project aims and raise awareness on climate crisis issues or tackle the problems related to climate crisis, all on local, regional or cross-regional levels.

The Climate campaigns should:

• Deal with the specific issues related to climate crisis;
• Focus on concrete problems and concrete solutions tied to the countries or regions they are being implemented;
• Be connected to the topic of the Work Plan;
• Have clear Aim and Objectives;
• Answer the needs of the local youth;
• Have clearly defined climate, youth, and gender perspectives;
• Involve young people of different backgrounds in the activity;
• Have a clear Outcome.

The Secretariat and EC responsible people for the project will decide on the grants to be allocated for each campaign. CDN offers maximum of 2200 EUR as a grant per country involved in the campaign. Applicants can focus on one country and apply individually OR can apply jointly with activists from one or more countries (up to 4 countries involved!) and conduct the joint campaign. NOTE that the grant is PER COUNTRY meaning that if two countries apply the maximum grant is 4400 EUR and so on.

The decision on the grants will be brought according to the feasibility of the action plan as well as the realistic assessment of the budget.

Local/regional/cross-regional teams will be fully responsible for executing the project along with people they select as team members, activists, and participants, who are required to match all criteria of CDN activities. We strongly encourage representation and participation of all social groups, especially women and queer people. Local teams are encouraged to hire additional experts on skills or topics, and we are striving for NFE tools and methodologies, as well as the safe space policy to be used during the preparation and implementation of the whole project. CDN will be eager to provide expertise as well as contextual or project-related assistance if required by the local teams.

In addition responsibilities of the applicant in case the grant is awarded are:

• Kicking off the preparations for the LA in mid-August 2023 and participating in the Kick off Zoom meeting;
• Implementing the activity based on the sent application and recommendations of CDN Secretariat and EC;
• Finalising the implementation of the activity by end of November 2023;
• Finalise the financial and content reporting to CDN by mid December 2023;
• Saving, organising and sending all the bills, invoices and other proofs of payments connected to the project and reported in the financial report;
• Sending both digital (scanned version in Nextcloud folder) and original bills (paper to CDN’s office in Belgrade);
• Using only Nextcloud folder and collaborative (doc, xls, ptt, etc.) files for the project for security reasons;
• Participating in the dissemination of the project;
• Ensuring the visibility of the project, CDN and EYF. Namely using hashtags #cdnee and #eyfcoe, as well as adding the logos of both organisations, as well as the Council of Europe logo on any material that will be produced at the local actions;
• Making and sending to CDN pictures and videos from the action with all the logos visible.

To apply for the grant, fill in the Climate Campaigns Application form and Draft Budget for the activities (you can find a Budget example here, and all funds can differ within lines, except Coordinator’s fees). We will be accepting the applications starting from 27th of June 2023. Deadline for submitting the applications is 31th of July 2023 23:59 CET. Please, consider, that any application sent after this date will be disqualified.

Filled in files must be sent to project.coordinator@cdnee.org with Climate Campaigns Application in the subject of the email. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact Nikola, CDN’s project coordinator at the above-mentioned email.

«To facilitate the space where you can develop your ideas, get inspired from others, get answers to all your questions, and possibly find partners for cooperation, we will be hosting an Info Session on Zoom on the 25th of July, at 13pm CET. Please express your interest in participating by filling out this form, after which you will receive an email with the link and the agenda for the Session.»

Only full applications (Application and budget proposals) will be considered.

You will get the result and feedback approximately in 10 days after the deadline.

Please add the above-mentioned e-mail in your contact list to avoid our mails ending up in spam.