Call for trainers “Skills for massive youth activisation”

CDN is opening the call for trainers for the 2nd phase of this year’s Annual Work Plan, “Skills for massive youth activisation”, which is a 5-day international training course that is going to take place in Riga, Latvia between the 8th and 12th of June 2022.

Working time: Session length – 1,5 hours; online work before the event (~10 hours per session).

Remuneration: EUR 150 per session

We are looking for someone with the following profile: 

  1. Comprehensive understanding and respect of Green values;

  2. Excellent written and spoken English;

  3. Excellent organisational skills;

  4. Efficient communication skills (in online and offline settings);

  5. Experience in non-formal education and moderation;

  6. Ability to take initiative and work in an international environment;

  7. Experience in activism is an asset;

  8. Preferably younger than 30 years of age and not older than 35 at the moment of applying.

We are looking for trainers for the following sessions:

1. Creative campaigning module:

1.1 Developing art campaign (3 sessions)

In these sessions, we expect the trainer to shortly walk the participants through the process of developing an art campaign and than mentor them through making an imaginary art campaign that is related to activism. We want the trainer to help the participants think outside the box and provide support if they get stuck. We also want the sessions to be as interactive as possible. The participants will already be introduced to some basic creative campaigning concepts and will have had sessions on visual and audiovisual creative campaigning and urban intervention examples. We need an experienced trainer to help them with practical advice on what steps need to be taken to successfully develop an art campaign and to mentor them through the common challenges.

2. Debates and public speaking module:

2.1 Debating (1 session) 

For this session, the trainer is expected to introduce the participants to the basics of debating and public speaking. The trainer should help the participants to take their debating skills to the next level, by focusing on both the content and structure of high-quality debates.
 The trainer should have experience with both debating and non-formal education.

2.2. Developing speeches and polishing (3 sessions)

In these sessions, we expect the trainer to work with the participants and do the practical exercises developing their speeches for the Local Actions. Participants should learn about how to adapt to different audiences, how to involve the audience and how to match non-verbal and verbal communication in order to deliver the message successfully. The trainer should have experience in empowering young people and enabling them to make their voices heard through captivating speeches with both meaningful content and rhetorical effects.

3. Movement organising skills

3.1 Recruiting new members in the movements/organisations (1 session)

For this very important and complex topic for all activists and organisations, we would like to attract a trainer with practical experience. In this session, we expect the trainer to cover the following topics:

– Tools to recruit new members;

– How to communicate with new members and how to involve them in current actions;

– How to motivate them;

– The practical task for the participants on this topic.

3.2 External communications – positioning of the movement (1 session)

– Definition

– Types of external communication

– Goals and strategies

– Benefits (with specific examples)

– Practical part – working with participants on press releases, positioning on the social media, networking in the name of their organisation with the partners and so on.

4. NFE methodologies

4.1 NFE methodologies in-depth and Developing the NFE elements of LAs (2 sessions)

In this session, we expect the trainer first to deliver a presentation on out of the box methodologies for NFE events. Participants will be already familiar with the methodologies such as fish bowls, role plays, world cafe, etc. We would like to hire a trainer with experience in NFE methodologies that are most useful for involving the apolitical youth in the life of society. This training aims to equip the young people implementing the local actions with NFE skills that they will use in their LA, aiming to mobilise youth for participation in the political life of the society.

You can see the updated agenda of the event with dates HERE.


Accommodation, food, working space, travel and visa costs for the preparatory team will be fully covered. For the selection of travel means the condition is to combine the most economic and environmentally friendly way (lowest price + travel time + CO2 emissions).

We encourage Eastern Europeans, Women, queer people and people from other marginalised groups to apply. Payment for the service will be done in cash for trainers that do not have an EU bank account and via bank transfer to those that have it within 2 weeks’ time after the end of the event.

The interested candidates are invited to send their CV, short (0,5-page bio/presentation of their experience and skills and filled out session outline to by 23rd of May 23:59 CET. 

The selected trainers will be contacted within a week after the Deadline and invited for a call with the members of the preparatory team of the event to continue working on the session together. Please add to your contacts, so that you do not receive our reply in the spam folder.