Working Groups: call for new membership

All Working Groups (WGs) of CDN are looking out for new members, which is why they decided to publish a joint call for new membership. At the moment there is one regional WG – RUMB, and three topical ones: Gender, Digital [X] and Alternative Urbanisation. They differ from one another in topics they discuss and work on, but what binds them all is a common Green vision of working towards a more inclusive, democratic, just and sustainable Eastern Europe. Bellow, you can read short descriptions of Working Groups, just to get acquainted with each of them 🙂


We are a group of diverse green activists from all over EE passionate about feminism, gender equality and LGBT+ rights. In the working group we have several topical priorities which define our objectives: 

  • Combating discrimination 
  • Gender Equality
  • LGBT+ rights

However, we work on wide range of related topics: feminism, education, sex education&health, advocacy and making queer and feminist theories and discussions accessible to all people. We are passionate about creating a network of people committed to these ideas and aim to create a safe space for gender activists, feminists, queer people and young greens who wish to engage and learn within this framework. 

Digital [X] – APPLY HERE

Do you want to be a part of or initiate activities for a better and free internet? Come and join us! At digital [x] we care about an open, diverse, and privacy-respecting online world. We’re also big fans of open source software and believe that human culture should be accessible to everyone. Anyone is welcome, and no technical knowledge is required. Whether you just want to discuss with like-minded people, start a campaign, organise a seminar, digital [x] is happy to welcome you. 

Alternative Urbanisation – APPLY HERE

The Group serves as a platform for young people to discuss fair and innovative solutions for cities in Eastern Europe, through discussions, movies’ discussions, international projects and online campaigns. Through its activities and endeavours the Working Group aims to advocate for sustainable and just development of urban areas to voice the existing issues of accessibility, gender inequality and overall betterment of societies, particularly of Eastern Europe.  


RUMB  stands for Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus working together on  common problems and common solutions in this region. Currently, our working group consists of young people from the RUMB region with different backgrounds: students, lawyers, engineers, education workers, etc. But the will to participate in Green activism and thirst for changes are something we have in common. Therefore we are ready to apply our skills and knowledge to empower youth in our countries and make a first step for a better fair reality for all, despite the actual situation appears as it is.

For more information about the Working Groups check out the Working Groups pages on CDN’s website!

Набор участников: Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму

CDN рад пригласить Вас на тренинг “Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму”, который пройдет 10-14 Октября в Киеве, Украина и соберет участников из Украины, Беларуси, Молдовы и России.  Этот тренинг является частью долгосрочной работы CDN по развитию и укреплению Зелёного движения в регионе. Continue reading

Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму – Набор в команду организаторов

CDN исчет команду организаторов для предстоящего семинара “Зелёное адвокатирование* (Р)УМБ” – Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму” который состоится 10-14 октября в Украине.
Этот проект является ещё одним шагом к достижению долгосрочной цели по укреплению Зелёного движения в регионе путем разработки концепции Зелёного видения среди молодежи. Continue reading

CDN’s Green Ukraine projects 2017

Following the first, introductory training organised by CDN with the help of the Dutch Green Foundation in Kiev from 14-17th September 2017, the second stage of our Green Ukraine training series took place in Lviv from 30th November to 3rd December 2017. The topical training, which focused on political ecology as a concept and its wider picture gathered 24 people from all over Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia, some coming from the first event, while the others were newcomers. The preparatory team was happy to welcome Uladz Stashkevich and Iryna Burbylo among their members, both of whom attended the first training on a general introduction to Green politics as participants.

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Заявка на участие: Политическая экология вместо “экологической политики”

Сеть сотрудничества и развития Восточной Европы (Cooperation Development network Eastern Europe) приглашает на тренинг “Политическая экология вместо “экологической политики”, который состоится 30 ноября – 3 декабря во Львове. Мы планируем объединить 25 молодых активистов, которые хотят стать частью Зеленого движения в России, Украине, Молдове и Беларуси (РУМБ регион). Continue reading

Call for participants: “Green Training” and “Green Policies”

CDN is welcoming you to take part in a series of trainings titled “Green Training and Green Policies”. It will consist of two activities, which will take place in Ukraine this autumn. We are planning to gather 25 young activists who have strong ties to or are willing to become a part of the Green Movement, coming from Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus. The deadline for submitting the application is 20th of August.

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Заявка на участие: “Зеленый тренинг и Зеленая политика”

Сеть сотрудничества и развития в Восточной Европе (CDN) рад пригласить Вас на серию тренингов “Зеленый тренинг” и “Зеленая политика”, которые пройдут в Украине этой осенью. Мы планируем объединить 25 молодых активистов, которые хотят стать частью Зеленого движения в России, Украине, Молдове и Беларуси (РУМБ регион).

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Green Ukraine: Call for Prep-Team

CDN is looking for prep-team members for the project consisting of two activities: “Green Training” and ”Greening Policy”. The activities are going to take place on 15-18 September and late November (weekend) 2017 in Ukraine. For details, check out the project page.

We are looking for young people who are passionate about activism and the values of the Green movement, coming from one of the following countries: Russia, Ukraine, Moldova and Belarus (RUMB). Continue reading

Green Ukraine 2017

After the series of events started in 2016 with the long-term goal to enhance the Green Movement in  by developing the Green vision among the wider youth in the region, CDN continues with a new series of activities towards the same goal. By establishing a connection between young, Green-minded people and organisations in Ukraine and the RUMB (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) region, by deepening the understanding of Green values and connecting Green activism to Green politics, we are going to create a platform for young activists to examine the ways of influencing certain policies in an inclusive, green, and democratic manner in local and regional contexts.

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