CDN General Assembly 2020

Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe will hold its 11th General Assembly on 4th – 7th March 2020 in Belarus and will be hosted by CDN Member Organisation Belarus Young Greens.

This year we received 2 applications for host organisation and hereby, we would like to thank Georgian Young Greens for expressing their interest in hosting the GA. We are looking forward for other opportunities for cooperation in the future!

General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body of CDN that gathers at least once a year and has the full power to take any necessary decision in order to realize the objectives of CDN.

GA consists of delegates from Member and Partner organisations of CDN and brings other friends from Green European family to share, network and discuss. GA elects Executive Committee, adopts activity and financial plan for the next year and makes other relevant decisions.

MEMBER ORGANISATION of CDN has a right to be represented by two delegates with voting rights at the General Assembly and has full right to nominate its candidate for any organisational group/position or submit amendments to any organisational document of CDN. CDN will cover the full travel and accommodation costs of the 1st Delegate of each Member Organization. Member Organizations can decide to send 1 delegate with two voting rights or 2 delegates, each with one voting right, as long as they cover the participation and travel costs of the 2nd delegate.

PARTNER ORGANISATION of CDN has a right to send one delegate with no voting right to the GA and has full right to nominate its candidate for any organisational group/position or submit amendments to any organisational document of CDN. The travel costs of the delegates of partner organization are not covered by CDN.

GUESTS are also welcomed at the CDN GA, bearing in mind that CDN can’t cover their GA related costs and they will be subjected to participant fee.

Save the date and expect more information as well as the call for Delegates of Member and Partner Organizations and Guests in January. __________________________________________________________________________________
Please find relevant calls, forms and other documents below (to be published from January):

Calls and Forms:

Call for Delegates (Deadline for registration: 4th February 2020, midnight CET)

GA draft Agenda 2020 (Updated)

Call for new Member/Partner/Observer Organizations

Application form for new Member/Partner/Observer Organizations

Call for EC 2020

Application form for Executive Committee Candidate

Call for Amendments to CDN Documents

Amendment form

CDN Documents


Political platform

Internal Rules of Procedure

Strategy Statement 2019-2021

FYEG relations paper

Agreement with Kazakhstan Young Greens

Minutes from the GA 2019

EC Candidates

Elena Petrovska

Giorgi Ptskialadze

Ivanna Madiar

Ledina Cela

Maja Klimentic

Palina Burko

Member/ Partner/ Observer Organisation Candidates:

Frontline Youth Network, Armenia

Protest, Latvia

Swedish Young Greens, Sweden /

Swedish Young Greens OO Application Amended

Youth Forum URA, Montenegro