CDN Network meeting 2007 – Meeting

Summary of the 5th CDN Network meeting


The CDN Network Meeting 2007 took place in Belgrade from 4th to 6th of May 2007.Representatives of the CDN member organisations DEM-Youth (Macedonia), Asociata VERZII (Green Youth Romania), Zelena Omladina Srbija (Green Youth Serbia), Earth Savers (Kosovo), Zelena Molody Ukraini (Green Youth Ukraine) and the Youth Club of Green Party (Bulgaria) were present as well as guests from FYEG, from the organisation Revolt (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and the CDN partner organisation GRÜNE JUGEND (Green Youth Germany). The CDN member organisation Semipervivum (Biologists Association Montenegro) unfortunately declared withdrawal from its CDN membership just before the Network Meeting.

The accommodation in a small hostel near the centre of Belgrade, which the same time served as the working place, made a good atmosphere for discussions and work of the 17 participants possible.


The Friday afternoon was used to review and discuss the work done by CDN, its EC and its office stuff during the last year 2006.  The budget of 2006 and the EC activities were eventually approved by the delegates of the CDN member organisations. Finally the evening sessions were finished by a closer review of the past CDN educational activities Summer Camp 2007 “Strengthening diversity – European cultures from East to West”, CDN Exchange in Bulgaria “Ethical tourism – Sustainable Management of natural and cultural resources” and the CDN Gender Group Seminar “Women in contemporary societies – the ladder of inequalities”.


The Saturday was used to discuss the CDN official documents and the amendments sent in by the member and partner organisations as well as the CDN EC. As one of the crucial changes it was decided the change the CDN statutes in a way that member organisations of CDN have to come from a country that was not member of the European Union before the 1st of January 2007. With this change it made it possible for the Bulgarian and Romanian member organisations to further have more influence on the CDN work recognising their special political situation.


Further the delegates were informed about and discussed the educational plan for 2007 as there are the Summer Camp 2007 “Visa and Youth mobility – it’s time to make to a stand”, the CDN exchange “GMO vs. ecological agriculture” and the CDN exchange “Express yourself – art for active citizenship”. Finally the planned budget for 2007 was approved.


After an introduction into the work of the organisation Revolt! from BiH and a discussion of the experiences CDN made with this organisation during educational activities and by a study visit toTuzla, BiH, Revolt! was elected by the representatives to be a new CDN member organisation.


Eventually a new Executive Committee was elected. Beside the members of the former EC Irina Dragan (Associata VERZII, Romania), Elena Bliznakovska (DEM-Youth, Macedonia) and Benjamin Grochowski (Grüne Jugend, Germany) a new member was elected: Mariana Peneva (Youth Club of Green Party, Bulgaria). Unfortunately no sufficient majority for the fifth place in the EC could be gathered; therefore the new EC contains only four members leaving the fifth place free.


1.  Agenda CDN NM 2007

2.  CDN Statutes 2007

3.  CDN Mission Statement 2007-2008

4.  Delegates of CDN NM 2007