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CDN Network Meeting 2008

6th annual CDN Network meeting took place in Belgrade on 17. – 19. of October 2008. It gathered delegates from member and partner organizations: Revolt Bosnia and Herzegovina, Associatia verzii Romania, Youth club of green party Bulgaria, Young greens Turkey, Zelena omladina Serbia, Grüene Jugend Germany, Zala alternativa Latvia, Young greens Poland, DEM – mladi Macedonia and Young greens Albania. There were also representative of sister organization FYEG and applying organizations Young greens Georgia and Youth of green List Croatia.

In these two days we decided about the changes in CDN statute, approved financial and activity report for year 2007, adopted activity and financial plans for 2008. and 2009. New documents ware adopted – CDN Mission statement 2009. – 2010., CDN Rules and procedures and Green document.

CDN accepted new member organizations: Association for sustainable human development youth section Armenia, Young greens Azerbaijan, Young greens Georgia, Youth of green list Croatia. Young ecologists Cyprus were accepted as the new partner organization.

As the mandate of executive committee ended we elected new . Irina Dragan (Associatia verzii Romania) was re-elected, and Tamuna Zandukeli (Young greens Georgia), Vesna Jusup (Zelena omaldina Srbija), Marina Dragomiretzkaya (Youth club of green party Bulgaria), and Gordan Isabegović (Revolt Bosnia and Herzegovina) were elected.

Sunday afternoon was reserved for street action “Move yourself” organized by Zelena omaldina Srbija. It took place on Belgrade’s main street Knez Mihajlova. Goal was to raise awareness of need for freedom to move and travel and it’s effect on society.



CDN new documents:

CDN Statutes 2008

CDN Mission Statement 2009-2010

CDN Internal rules and procedures

CDN Green document 2008


CDN activity report and plans:


CDN Activity report 2007

CDN Activity plan 2008

CDN Activity plan 2009