CDN Strategy Development Questionnaire

CDN Strategy Development Questionnaire

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Dear Member and Partner organisations,

The questionnaire is designed for the Member and Partner Organisations to collect feedback for CDN's current strategy and proposals for the strategy for 2019-2020. Throughout this period, the activities carried out by CDN will be based on the strategy developed with you. Before answering the following questions, please have another look at the current strategy statement. Involvement of the board and membership is very valuable when filling in the questionnaire.

The Questionnaire consists of three parts: General Information about the MO, assessment of CDN's work, and aspirations for the Network's further development.


In this section the questions are focused on how satisfied you are with CDN's work, and what could be improved. You'll have some space to give suggestions.

All is left to give us your name and your position in your organisation!

Hereby, I confirm all information about my organisation is correct on the submission date.