In 2020, we faced lot of changes. They were mainly related to the coronavirus pandemic and the results that it had on us, the democracy in the region and space that is left for us for fighting for our rights, but on other hand, in some countries of the Eastern Europe, there are bright political changes coming or have already come.

What is happening in one country, can also have an effect on the neighbouring countries.  To see how this affects the situation in the Eastern Europe, Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) decided to hold a series of informal online discussions “Electionvision”  to share the impressions, experience and prognoses regarding the latest elections in the countries of CDN Member and Partner Organisations.

The meetings are expected to cover the following topics: pre-election situation, candidate`s’ campaigns, outcomes and many other.

The aim of this activity is to Politisize CDN Organisations and hang-arounds through the online meetings and sharing the impressions regarding the latest elections. We want to get to know the political situation on the local and national levels in different countries and be aware of the latest developments. This way we will be able to support each other, know what to expect from the political climate in the region and know our needs as a network better.

If there were or will be local, regional or national elections in your country, share interesting information about them with everyone! You can organise Electionvision before, or after the elections. All you need to do is to fill out this form and CDN EC will approach you with more information. The Electionvision will take place on Tuesdays at 18:00 CEST.