Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EC) is the political body elected by the General Assembly. EC is responsible for decision-making, implementing activity plan, communication with Member, Partner and Observer organisations, following Working Groups, etc. 

Yevheniia Bryhinets


Yevheniia is an activist and volunteer from Ukraine who has been involved in the green movement since 2020. Her activism focuses on feminism, social and climate justice, regional security issues, and anti-imperialism. She has organized campaigns to raise awareness about women's rights, promote sustainable environmental practices and cover russian war crimes. Furthermore, after the russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine, she has been part of the organisation providing humanitarian aid and first aid kits to civilians and Ukrainians on the frontline.

Igor SkĂłrzybĂłt

Ostra Zieleń – Polish Young Greens

Igor is involved in green and political activism since 2015, in various roles within Ostra Zieleń – Polish Young Greens. His main political interests are education, transport and transparency. He was also co-founder of the local anti-discrimination NGO "Dialog" in Lębork, Poland.

Natalia Novikova

Green Youth of Serbia

Natalia has been a climate activist since 2018, raising awareness, and organizing climate strikes and performances in Serbia. Since the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, she has been active in the anti-war movement. Her main focuses are social and climate justice. Besides her active participation in Zelena Omladina Srbije (Green Youth of Serbia), she also co-founded the Extinction Rebellion Serbia movement.

Helena Hastor

Sustainable Development Forum Green Window

Helena's interests are mostly in education, feminism, social justice and human rights. She has been working on problems related to those topics from 2014 and has formed close relations with the green movement around 2019 when she became a member of Sustainable Development Forum Green Window where today she serves as Secretary General.

Nicat Quliyev

MIL Network

Nicat has extensive work experience in community building and community engagement and for the past 4 years has been working with local and international queer communities. They are also interested in artivism and founded Queer Art Festival in Baku in 2020. They are the International Relations Officer of MIL Network and have completed an EC mandate with CDN in the year 2021.