Executive Committee Members

The Executive Committee (EC) is the political body elected by the General Assembly. EC is responsible for decision-making, implementing activity plan, communication with Member, Partner and Observer organisations, following Working Groups, etc. 

Selma Levrence


Selma has been a part of the green and progressive movement since 2019, when she joined Protests and then Progressives in Latvia. She mainly focuses on human rights activism such as LGBTQ+ rights, feminism and anti-racism, as well as climate and is now working as an assistant to an independent member of parliament. In her free time, Selma enjoys leftist literature and making political memes. Since 2021, Selma has been an EC member of CDN and is co-responsible for Gender Working group, Ancestral Medicine discussion group and is the co-contact person for Partner organisations and FYEG.

Katya Andrieieva

Belarus Young Greens

Kateryna is an activist from Ukraine, whose green path began thanks to the CDN in 2018. Her main area of interest is evidence-based policies, decentralisation and local governance, as well as fair urban development. Katya believes a that strong and sustainable country should be built from strong small communities. However, since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Katya mainly focuses on coverage of Russian war crimes, and the situation in the territories occupied by Russia (including her hometown). Within her EC mandate, Katya is a co-contact person for member organisations from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova and Polish Young Greens, as well as AlterUrb and RUMB working groups. In addition, Katya is as a co-safe space person.

Onur Elmas

Young Greens of Turkey

Onur has been interested in Green politics since his first years in high school. He later was introduced to CDN by one of his friends in 2019 during the GA in Istanbul and ever since then, he became very active in the organisation. Through his contacts in CDN, he also became a member of Young Greens of Turkey. He is interested in climate activism and because of that, he also wishes to put the academic knowledge he gathered in ecology into good use. He is also a member of the Digital[X] Working Group, which he later became the WG Coordinator of in 2021 as he is also interested in the topics of digital security and privacy. Last but not least, he has been volunteering to help with the activities carried out by Ancestral Medicine Discussion Group and facilitates its Book Club as he loves to talk about psychoactive substances and mental health-related to them. Within his EC mandate, Onur is a co-contact person for Caucasus MOs, Digital[X] WG, and Ancestral Medicine Discussion Group.

Edna Sadiković


As an activist from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Edna has been involved in political and human rights activism since late 2019. She started her activist career in Youth Movement Revolt, an organization with values in democratization, transparency and equality. Prior to joining the green movement and CDN’s events in 2021, Edna was an avid follower of green values and green politics. The experience from these events inspired them to run for CDN’s Executive Committee, where they will be responsible for AlterUrb and Digital [x] Working Group, will work as a contact person for Balkan member organizations - Forum for Sustainable Development Green Window, MODOM, Youth Forum URA and Green Youth of Serbia, as well as for our partner organization Protests. They will also be working closely with the secretariat in the role of a co-treasurer.

Lusine Kosakyan

Frontline Youth Network

Lusine is a human rights and peace activist from Armenia. In 2017 she co-founded Frontline Youth Network which provides a youth platform for green, feminist and peace talks. Besides her academic interests in women’s rights and peacebuilding, she is also passionate about gardening, and launched her Cactus EVN online plant shop. Within her EC mandate, Lusine is co-treasurer, and co-contact person for Caucasus MOs.

Paula "Pablo" Luīze Pastore


Pablo has always had a passion for progressive and green topics, but they joined the official movement in 2021. They are a board member of a Latvian youth organization "Protests". Pablo is interested in intersectional feminism, gender theory, workers' rights, and anti-racism.  In their free time, Pablo enjoys writing, making posters, reading feminist literature, watching old movies, going on long walks, and talking with friends.  Within CDN's gender working group, Pablo created a feminist reading club. Now Pablo is a working-class hero, but they dream of studying anthropology next semester.  Within their EC mandate, Pablo is a contact person for the Ukrainian Young Greens, Belarusian Young Greens, and Gender working group. Pablo will be working as a safe space person as well.

Previous Executive Committee Members