Call for Executive Committee Members

We are excited to open the call for new Executive Committee for the mandate of 2024-25. This is your chance to join our network as the Executive Committee member and contribute to the growing Green movement in Eastern Europe.

The Executive Committee (EC) is the political body elected by the General Assembly. EC is responsible for running the organisation, making strategic and political decisions, overseeing the implementation of activity & financial plans, communication with member organisations.

The presentation of candidates and election of the new Executive Committee will take place at the General Assembly, 27-28 April in Vilnius, Lithuania. For which you need to be present in-person. We will be covering all related costs for participation (transport, accommodation, etc.)

The candidate should submit:

  • Introduction to your candidacy;

  • Motivation Letter (answering questions such as experience with CDN, vision of development of the organisation, and how would you contribute)

  • CV;

  • Photo;

  • Official letter of support from a Candidate’s organisation or any CDN Member Organisation

*Note that this Application will be publicly available on and be deleted within three months after the end of General Assembly.

The Executive Committee tasks include:

The tasks and responsibilities are decided during the first in-person meeting and each EC member is assigned combination of responsibilities ensuring interests and balance of workload.

  • Making strategic and political decisions;

  • Overseeing and taking part in the implementation of Activity Plan with main responsibility to ensure political and strategic alignment.

  • Maintaining close and continuous communication with Member Organisations through quarterly regional calls, being primary contact and available to MOs via e-mail correspondence, as well as have meetings during in-person events.

  • Representing and promoting CDN during its and partners’ activities;

  • Fulfiling assigned responsibilities such as oversight of external communications, EC coordination, statutory affairs and events, strategy evaluations, etc.

  • Role of treasurer further includes financial oversight and decision-making on financial matters.

  • Organising and actively participating in the regular (biweekly) EC meetings (lasting usually 2h).

 The candidate for the Executive Committee should:

  • Be motivated to advance the Green movement in Eastern Europe;

  • Be dedicated to the goals of CDN, subscribe its political platform and the Green Ideas;

  • Be comfortable working in an international environment and have good communication and organisational skills;

  • Be willing and available for active online engagement throughout the 1 year mandate;

  • Be prepared for frequent travelling, participating in the live committee meetings, CDN activities and likely several other occasions;

  • Be regularly available via the e-mail for ongoing discussions, work and decision-making, together with regular online conferences;

  • Have a good command of English (written and spoken);

  • Have an interest to follow political developments in Eastern Europe and react to them with available tools such as producing statements, organising and supporting campaigns, assisting member and partner organisations, communicating with other Green stakeholders, etc.

Throughout your mandate in CDN Executive Committee you will get:

  • A chance to work for a lively, youth-powered, diverse and and growing Eastern European youth organisation.

  • Getting familiar with youth projects, non-formal education methodologies, and preparing and leading sessions.

  • Deepening understanding of Eastern European political context, and closer look to youth political movements in the region.

  • Frequent travel and exciting activities, networking with wider Green European political family.

  • An opportunity to develop your professional, political, and activist skills and enhance them through practical experience. Including bolstering team-work, public speaking, and leadership skills.


If elected, candidates are asked to stay for the transfer meeting with the current committee and the first EC meeting. Departure day for EC Candidates is the 30th of April. CDN will cover the costs of accommodation for all Candidates, no matter if they are elected or not. Moreover, elected Executive Committee Members will be asked to attend an in-person 3-day EC meeting within the first month following the General Assembly. The exact dates will be decided collectively.

Applications should be submitted on the GA Digital Platform.

The Deadline for submitting candidacies is March 28th, 23:59 CET. However, the earlier you apply the more chance delegates will have to see your candidacy on the platform.

Check more information on practicalities, more detailed information will be provided via e-mail after registration.

Note: In addition to the candidacy-related documents, each Executive Committee candidate needs to fill in the Regisration form for GA attendees as well.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to write to


Executive Committee Candidates

Join us

Vilnius, April 27-28, for the most important political and decision-making event for our network.