Practicalities for Delegates and Guests

On this page, you will find detailed information regarding practicalities, financial support and reimbursement rules.


General Information

We would kindly ask all attendees to register as early as possible – the deadline according to the IRPs is March 13.

NOTE: A registration form is not enough to register as a delegate! Delegates of Member Organisations need to be confirmed by their organisation. Therefore, an official email from your organisation’s email account should be sent to confirming the name(s) of your delegate(s).

In order for CDN to be able to provide financial support for the delegates’ travel costs, the above-proposed deadlines shall apply. The deadline is determined by the IRPs: “Each member and partner organisation shall inform the Secretariat of the names of their representatives at least 45 days before the General Assembly”.

The Registration is the same for all attendees of the GA. Therefore, Guests, Candidates, Outgoing EC, etc. are all requested to fill in the registration form. Since the deadline, according to IRPs, for submitting candidacy is 30 days prior to the GA, the registration form will remain open for two more weeks, until March 28, for Candidates only.

The attendees are expected to arrive on the 26th in the evening (dinner will be provided) and depart on the 29th in the morning (breakfast will be provided).

Note: We strongly encourage you to follow the good practice of having one experienced delegate (preferably, someone who has been to previous GAs) and one less experienced delegate (to ensure the transfer of knowledge).

In addition, according to IRPs  8.1 Participants of CDN events can’t be older than 35 at the moment of applying. Delegates, whom we will reimburse, are considered participants. Guests, coming at their own expense, can be any age.

For any additional information regarding the financial arrangements, please get in touch with the Office.

To whom will we be covering the costs?

You can find a detailed overview in Financial Conditions. Since it is our desire to support young people and enable everyone’s participation as much as we can, in case you cannot comply with these conditions please do not hesitate to write to us and we will try to find a common solution

If you’re coming as the 1st Delegate:

CDN will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals). There is no participation fee.

If you’re coming as a 2nd Delegate:

CDN will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals). You will be asked to contribute with a participation fee.

We will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals) during the General Assembly.

Non-elected EC Candidates will still have accommodation and meals covered for the duration as if they were elected.

CDN will not be able to reimburse expenses, and you will be asked to contribute with a participation fee covering accommodation and/or meals.

Should get in touch with the and financial assistance will be decided on an individual basis. 


We will cover all of your costs (travel, accommodation, and meals). There is no participation fee.

CDN will cover all of your accommodation and meal costs during the event.

CDN will not be able to cover any costs of the guests of the General Assembly. There is a participation fee covering meals as well as accommodation if guests request CDN to book accommodation for them.

Other information about travel and financial conditions

We encourage travelling by land whenever possible and it’s the only option if the journey takes less than 15 hours (IRPs §9.1), for reducing CO2 emissions. Since it might be a long way to Warsaw for some of you, flying can be the only option. However, we ask you to organise your travel in the most economical way. Only 2nd/economy class reservations will be reimbursed. This also applies to train reservations.

As a principle, we only cover travel expenses from your place of residence to Vilnius and back. In case you need to travel from or to somewhere else, please contact (cc with a justification of the circumstances, after which we will let you know what to do.


Don’t wait for the last chance to purchase tickets register as it will get expensive. The deadline to book tickets, together with registration, is 45 days prior to the GA – 13 March. Note that while registering, you will be asked to upload a booking confirmation.



Travel to Vilnius

– By Land:

Vilnius Central Railway Station is located just south of the Old Town. It is reachable by train from various places in Europe: including direct connections from Warsaw and Riga. This makes it possible to combine land and air travel e.g. arrive to Warsaw by plane and take train to Vilnius. See more information on the official website of Lithuanian Railways.

The bus station is situated right opposite to Railway station. You can get more information about the timetable at There are several bus lines that run to international destinations such as Riga, Tallinn, Warsaw, and rest of the Europe.

You can check for the train connections here: PolRail, Ă–BB, Rome2Rio, RailCC

You can also reach Vilnius by bus. Check for routes here: FlixBus, getbybus, and Rome2rio.


– By Air:

Being the capital of Lithuania, Vilnius is home to the country’s largest airport (VNO).  With regular flights by airline companies such as LOT Polish Airlines, airBaltic, Wizz Air and Ryanair. There are few direct connections, and most of the flights will have layovers through Warsaw or Riga.

Alternatively, the Kaunas International Airport (KUN) too is located close to Vilnius at 100 kilometres west of Vilnius, in a small town Karmėlava. With more low-cost carriers such as Wizz Air and Ryanair. To reach Vilnius from Kaunas International Airport, there are direct scheduled minibus rides to Vilnius railway station after each arriving flight. 

Moreover, it is possible to take flights to Warsaw or Riga and reach Vilnius by train/bus.

We recommend looking for affordable flight options here and here.




Please, carefully read the Financial Conditions and Reimbursement Rules that we have prepared for you. The document contains all necessary information about travel limits, participation fees, and reimbursement rules. 


More details regarding reimbursement and practicalities (venue, accommodation, etc.), will be shared later with the registered delegates through e-mail.


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