Gender equality within CDN membership

– Survey Results –


hands-1CDN Gender Working Group conducted a survey in the autumn 2014 with an aim to assess Gender equality in CDN Member and Partner organizations and get clearer picture on current situation in organizational structure.

Organizations participating in this survey are CDN Member and Partner organizations: young Green political organizations (either independent or youth wings of mother parties), youth movements with focus on social issues and NGOs predominantly orientated to ecological issues.

With this survey Gender working group aimed to examine gender statistics in:

— membership structure
– organizational structure
– international gender activity.


Results of this research are predicted to be used by CDN Gender working group as starting point in shaping its strategies and action plans towards Strategy on internal structure gender development for youth organizations. However they are, in agreement with all organizations who provided answers, eligible for wider use from all interested sides, with previous agreement of Gender working group. If you are interested for this, or have other ideas, or want to cooperate with Gender working group in general please contact


Full results of survey can be found here: Gender equality within CDN membership