Gender WG Manifesto

– Gender knows no borders – 



This manifesto is a result of Working Group Meeting in Belgrade 1st – 3rd October 2014. It is meant to explain who we are, what we do and what do we stand for.




Who are we?

We are young individuals with different backgrounds that are interested in the topic of Gender. We do not present any organization, but ourselves. We are gathered as a working group within the framework of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDNEE) and as such we work in accordance with its values and regulations. In our work we are focused on discussions and actions on grassroot level and we exercise an intersectional approach as we acknowledge all diversity of people – we believe gender issues are interconnected with other oppressions such as race, sexual orientation, social status, etc. and you can’t challenge one without challenging others.


What we do?

Most of our work is done through online communication (mailing list). We defer three target groups and thus adjust and direct our activities:

1. Ourselves (GWG)

One of the main motivations of this group is exchange of knowledge, experiences and practices between working group members. With different methods (discussions, trainings, online courses) we aim to raise our own expertise in the topic, challenge ourselves, provide learning opportunities for each member and ensure information flow. In such way we empower each other and raise our capacities and skills, both on individual level and as a working group as whole. Most of our communication is done through online channels (mailing list) and regular skype conferences (every two weeks). According to need we organize smaller teams for specific topics.

2. CDN Member organizations (MO)

Second focus of our work are member organizations to which we offer our expertise, whether initiated by MOs themselves or GWG. We monitor situation on Gender issues, perform trainings, education and mainstreaming for MOs. On each CDN event, we try to provide Gender perspective on every topic and use the opportunity to reach MOs.

3. General public

The widest and the least specific target group that we reach either through empowering our MOs on action either directly. GWG uses different online platforms (social networks, blogs, etc.) to send its message and advocate its values.


What we stand for?

Our overall standpoint can be simply and easily described as representing Green ideology. We observe everything through Green perspective and values.

We advocate and implement values of direct, participative democracy and non-hierarchical structure.

We recognize and emphasize Freedom of choice (especially concerning gender and sexuality) to be of essential importance. Every individual must have guaranteed freedom to live, express and practice lifestyle s/he chooses without any external limitations and protection against discrimination of any kind (sexism, ageism, racism, gender, sexual orientation, motivated phobia etc.)