The 14th General Assembly of Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe, took place 9-12 March in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Ostra ZieleΕ„ (Polish Young Greens).

Throughout the four days delegates engaged in political and organisational debates, adopted reports & plans, voted for amendments and elected the new Executive Committee.

This year’s GA was exceptionally important for two reasons. We updated statutes with several amendments, including a major change of structure in membership – we opened the door for Eastern European organisations from the EU to be more involved members instead of partners. We also took a moment to reflect on our journey and celebrate CDN’s 20th anniversary with a lively panel discussion.

The following documents were adopted:

Reports & Plans:

β—‹ Activity Report

β—‹ Financial Report

β—‹ Activity Plan

β—‹ Financial Plan

Statutes and Internal Rules of Procedure we updated;

β—‹ Stautes

β—‹ Internal Rules of Procedure

Three resolutions were approved:

β—‹ Inclusion of Vulnerable Groups in Eastern Europe

β—‹Β  CDN-FYEG Relations Paper Revision

β—‹ Resolution linked to Statutes Amendments 2 – concerning the change of the membership structure

Delegates also amended following documents:

β—‹ Political Platform

β—‹ Safe Space Policy

β—‹ Strategy Paper 2022-24

We also welcomed new Observer organisation – Neoi Prasinoi – Young Greens of Greece. While with updating statutes, Ostra ZieleΕ„ (Polish Young Greens) and Protests became member organisations.

And finally the General Assembly also elected the new Executive Committee.

Watch: Panel Discussion - 20 Years of CDN