General Assembly and Strategic Planning Meeting 2020 Report

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe held its 11th General Assembly in Ratomka, Belarus 3-8th of March 2020. The General Assembly was hosted by our Member Organisation, Belarus Young Greens.

The General Assembly was preceded by the Strategic Planning Meeting (4-5 March) which served as a starting point for discussion the Strategy 2022-24 with Member Organisations, Partner Organisations and Working Groups. The new Strategy Document will be developed throughout the year by Executive Committee and MOs, POs and Wgs will be invited to give feedback in different phases. SPM was also used to asses the implementation of current Strategy that is stated in the Strategy Document 2019-21, adopted last year by GA in Istanbul.

The GA that took place 6-7 March, once again, decided on the direction the Network should take over the next year by adopting the Activity and Financial Plan, by electing the new EC, and by adding amendments on Internal Rules of Procedure, Political Platform and Strategy Statement 2019-21. Alongside the debates and voting, the delegates had a chance to engage in different sessions organised by the EC, Working Groups, host organisation, FYEG and EGP.

The newly elected Executive Committee consists of Elena Petrovska (Serbian Green Youth), Giorgi Ptskialadze (Georgian Young Greens), Ledina Cela (Albanian Young Greens), Maja Klimentic (Revolt) and Palina Burko (Belarus Young Greens).

Moreover, we are happy to welcome new members of the Network whose candidacies were approved by the GA: Frontline Youth Network from Armenia as MO, Protest from Latvia as PO and Swedish Young Greens as OO.

We want to say big thank you to all delegates, candidates, guests and host organisation who contributed to another amazing GA which we leave with big plans and and EC motivated to pursue them.

The following documents are from or adopted by the General Assembly 2020:

  1. Internal Rules and Procedures [PDF]
  2. Political Platform [PDF]
  3. Strategy Statement 2019-2021 [PDF]
  4. Minutes to be approved by the GA 2021 [PDF]