Green Education Initiative: Call for Team Members

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is happy to announce an open call for new team members of the Green Education Initiative. We are looking for interested and motivated people who want to take an active role in planning and implementing researches and activities, deepening their knowledge on green ideas, current green issues in the region and the world.

CDN’s overall aim is the establishment of sustainable Green movement and strengthening of Green Youth organisations in Eastern Europe. In order to consolidate green ideas and ensure ideological sustainability within the network, Green Education Initiative will focus on exploring ways to ensure creative and sustainable education on green ideology, its fundamental values, and principles for its members. The focus of this initiative will also include Green movements, Green parties and Green politics in Eastern and the rest of Europe.

The objectives of the Green Education Initiative are:

  • To research the history and development of Green Ideology in Eastern Europe;
  • To research and collect existing materials and methodology for education on Green Ideology;
  • To plan and carry out green education trainings in CDNs member organisations for their potential and current members;
  • To contribute to the development of green education of CDN for upcoming projects in terms of trainers, materials and methodology;
  • To establish the network of educators of Green idea in CDN’s MOs;
  • To keep debates over current Green issues in MOs and within CDN;

Outline of the Activities:

  • Team meetings: October
    • developing activity plan;
    • preparing the first draft of Green Education pilot Training;
  • Work with an MO which will carry out the first Green Education Training: October – November
    • making call for pilot project, selecting the MO/PO;
    • planning the outline of the Green Education Training in the MO/PO;
  • Implementation of the training: November – December
    • fundraising for the local training;
    • implementing the training (3 weeks);
  • Publication of the report and evaluation of the pilot training: December

Note that this is a pilot initiative without any financial support. Most of the work will be done through online meetings, email and individual researches. Expected time commitment is 4-6h per week.

If you want to be a team member of the Green Education Initiative, please fill out the application form till 5th of October.

In case of need for additional clarifications, do not hesitate to contact us at and