Green Youth of Ukraine organizes the camp “Green Youth – Green City”

Green Youth of Ukraine, one of CDN member organizations, organized the Green camp called “Green Youth – Green city” during 16-30 October in Kyiv.

The aim of the camp is to mobilize and involve young greens of Ukraine into politics. During the camp, a lot of sessions addressed different challenges that young people face on their way to enter the political landscape in Ukraine.

During the camp, the greens brainstormed on different tools for counter-acting these challenges. The whole camp was divided into three stages:

1- The first training was focused on the role of the Greens in addressing the environmental challenges and many other issues at stake in Ukraine.

2- the second stage was pretty smooth and was organized outdoor. The Greens of Ukraine went for a bike ride and discussed how to make the green voice more heard in politics.

3- the last stage was focused on political campaigning for the greens during elections and participation in the local governance. This part was facilitated by trainers in the form of a role-play game of green candidates during the election campaign.