Green Youth Ukraine: RUMB Summer Camp

With the aim of raising youth awareness of acute ecological issues of the region, we conducted an International summer camp in the city of Kamyanets-Podilskiy in South-West Ukraine, bringing together socially active young people from Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and Russia (RUMB).

About the camp

Over a period of seven days, activists of the All-Ukrainian Youth NGO “Green Youth of Ukraine” (GYU), together with young people from the region RUMB and international experts and trainers, have discussed environmental problems of water masses of the Dnister river basin from the transboundary perspective, and the possibility of ecologically sustainable use of energy resources.

The camp used a myriad of fun activities to engage its attendees, everything from interactive sessions, outdoor seminars, and rafting along the course of the Dnister river, to various workshops, discussions, and quests. These activities combined leisure with environmental education, in hopes of paving the way towards a better understanding of the benefits of development of green tourism in the region.

The goal of the project was to foster active international cooperation for the protection and conservation of transboundary rivers, and to reduce the anthropogenic impact on river ecosystems and formulation of policy recommendations for local authorities.

Results and Outcomes

The participants worked with the experts and trainers, achieving great results. They worked on finding concrete ways of how to save transboundary rivers for sustainable development of adjacent regions of neighboring countries, as well as on how to solve broader problems of protection of rivers from pollution.
The camp also raised awareness of the youth on ecosystem approach to water resources conservation, and demonstrated examples of environmentally sustainable uses of energy.
On a broader scale, the camp established international cooperation, creating conditions for the development of green tourism in the region.

While the immediate results and impression of the camp were that it was a great success, in the long-term, the hope is that this activity will influence change in the policy of preservation of ecosystems of transboundary rivers on the local level, encourage sustainable energy use and reduce pollution in the Dnister river, help facilitate green tourism, and also foster multilateral cooperation among young people of RUMB region.