Human trafficking in Eastern Europe – Preparation

05. – 12. August 2005, Constantia, Romania5 sc romania


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Project information


Raise awareness about the topic among young people and the role we can play in tackling human trafficking

Encourage non-formal education as a development tool for a better understanding of the importance of participation at all levels of the society

Learn about the concept of human rights and methods for youth actions against intolerance, stereotyping, violence and discrimination

Exchange experiences of anti-discrimination projects in the field of youth against discrimination, focusing on actions against human trafficking and develop ideas for future joint cooperation

Motivate participants to create their own local actions and education and awareness raising workshops concerning the topic


Young people in the Balkans provide an opportunity for contribution to stability and development in Eastern Europe. Until today we only faced the negative consequences of diversity. The future challenges our society to transform diversity and difference from a problem into a force for understanding and strength.

One of the most concerning problems for the Balkan countries is human trafficking. We believe that this issue is of a great importance as every European country is connected with.

Nevertheless, as it is merely a hidden reality, this is not seen (or ignored) by the national governments and the society. We would like to emphasize it, by organizing this summer camp.

Youth wants to become active in own local communities and promote human rights, anti-discrimination policies and social cohesion, what is lacking is knowledge and tools. This seminar aims to provide them with tools and knowledge and motivate them to take action.

Description of the methodology and main programme elements

Program will mainly consist of lectures, thematic workshops, educational games, panel debates and international evenings. In the beggining we will introduce different forms of violence and dscrimination and then further focus on problems related to Human Trafficking – Women, Children and Organ Trafficking. During the first few days we will also explain Human Trafficking close connection with up-to-date hot issues Migrations, Border Control and Child Labour. This will give a good base for fruitfull dicsussion and project ideas to follow.

Having Romania as a location is a good opportunity for participants to get to know this reality better as the country is known as one of the highlited transit countries in human trafficking. We plan to organise discussions with local young people in order to better understand and learn from their experience
Planning (short-term) and implementation of the programme

Preparatory meeting
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Phone conferences

Introduction of programme, aims, participants
Lectures, workshops and discussion groups
International evenings
Visit local organisations
Project development

Follow up
Prep team evaluation meeting
distributing of report and other related material

The purpose of the meeting in CDN programme

For our network this summer camp has a crucial role in the activity we are promoting as we are a network of youth organizations in Eastern Europe, region where The Human Trafficking issue is in the spot light every day, and affecting all of us directly.

We believe that the subject Human Trafficking is very important but so far relatively marginalised by the societies and governments in Eastern Europe. As young people who want to be really involved in the society we need to know how to approach all types of problems in order to better help solving them. That is why we find this topic in a need for more discussion within CDN.

This summer camp will provide our network with better information from experts in the field, and as well from participants from European countries active in this field. Based on this we can develop further actions aiming to order to improve the existing legislation, raise the awareness and overall support the process of tackling this problem.


Project facts sheet

• Type of activity: Summer Camp
• Dates: 05. – 12. August 2005
• Venue: Constantia, Romania

• Number of working days: 6
• Working languages: English

• Number of participants: 80
• Age range: 16-30
• Call for participants: Sent in May 2005

• Preparatory meeting: July 2005
• Evaluation meeting: August 2005
• Call for prep team: Sent in April 2005

• Project coordinator: Claudia Sadean
• Contact:

• Main funder: Council of Europe, European Youth Foundation
• Type of fund: A type, Youth Meetings
• Approval status: Project approved for 18000 euro in January 2005

• Support funder: Green Forum, Sweden
• Type of fund: Co-funding of the meeting
• Approval status: Approved for 3.000 euro

• Support funder: German Ministry of Foreign Affairs
• Type of fund: Co-funding of the meeting
• Approval status: Approved for 7.500 euro


CDN – Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a call for the prep team members for the Summer Camp “Empowering young people to help prevent human trafficking in Eastern Europe”.

Summer Camp will take place in Constantia, Romania from to 5th to 12th of August 2005 and will be hosted by the our member organisation Romanian Young Greens.

In order to organise this event well international prep team of motivated green people is needed. So, if you feel motivated and would like to be part of the team send us your application to BEFORE 15.May 2005!

At our web site you will find the Call for prep team members with the project general description and the application form (attached here) as well. Call for the participants will follow soon.


CDN – Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe is announcing a call for the participants for the Summer Camp “Empowering young people to help prevent human trafficking in Eastern Europe”.

Summer Camp will take place in Constantia, Romania from to 5th to 12th of August 2005 (NOTE DATES HAVE CHANGED FROM 22nd to 28th of August 2005) and will be hosted by the our member organisation Romanian Young Greens.

So, if you feel motivated and would like to be part of the team send us your application to and BEFORE 24. June 2005!

At our web site you will find the Call for participants with the project general description and the application form (attached here) as well.

We will appreciate if your apply earlier so we have enough time to go through the procedure.

This event is supported financially by Council of Europe Youth Foundation and Green Forum, Sweden

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18.07.2005 Draft Agenda of the event is now ready. It took a while to gather all the ideas and confirm most of the lecturers and workshop leaders.


17.07.2005 Second round of voting will be finished on 19th of July. Same day applicants will be informed of the results of the selection.


29.06.2005 First round of selection is finished. You can find the list of participants after first round HERE. Prep team is working hard on the agenda of the event and CDN EC and the office are trying to organise co-funding in order to be able to cover most of the travel costs of the participants.


Prep team has been set up at the beginning of June. All for participants is open until 24th of June. We are working on the arrangements with the hotel and trying to assure rest of the co-funding (this still remains major obstacle for realisation of the project). Prep team members are Ebru Turhan, Benjamin Grochowski, Diana Isac, Dejan Tijan and Claudia Sadean as project coordinator.


The project was approved by the programming committee in January 2005. We decided now on general time/place of the summer camp and in next 2 month we aim to arrange a study visit and co-funding support.


At present we are lacking around 9.000 euro of co-funding. We are at present discussing support with Green Forum, Sweden and Claudia is trying to find some local funds in Romania.

General info

How to get from Constanta to Costinesti

You go out of the train station in Constanta! there is just one main exit, after the main exist u turn to the right and round the corner u ll see lots of white mini-busses. There are the mini busses (white small vans) to Costinesti. The drivers are also anyway announcing every second the name Costinesti. So the price for one way is 45.000 (old) Lei which must be round 1,50 euros.

And by the way to tell u: there was a currency change in romania from the start of june on, so they actually eliminated 4 zeros, and are starting to use the NEW Lei but also using this year still the OLD Lei.

10000 OLD Lei= 1 NEW Lei (around 35 cents)

Since they dont really have stations with names, the best place to get out in Costinesti is (accoding to the locals) the Police Station in Costinesti.

In case u ll have questions, call:

Claudia: +40723640052 and in case u cant reach claudia the second choice (pls try hard as it costs him a lot of money!!!;)))) Benji: +49 1736192183


PARTICIPANTS are expected to arrive to Constantia, Romania (exact meeting point and location address will be provided soon by Claudia) before 18h on 5th of August. PARTICIPANTS are expected to depart from Constantia, Romania after 13am on 11th of August (this is a small change, originally was 12th of August. THE PROGRAM of Summer Camp starts on Evening of 5th of August and lasts until 11th of August afternoon.

Reimbursement policy

Participation fee for this event is set up to be 25 euro for all of the participants. This fee will cover 5 nights stay in hotel, all meals, all excursions and all program issues costs.

Reimbursement of travel cost will be done:

• After the seminar though bank transfer for participants coming from EU-15 countries (meaning EU countries before the enlargement)
• During the seminar for all other participants

(This is due to a fact that transfer costs via bank are free between those and high charges are applied for the other countries)

Travel reimbursement will be done according to the following rules:

  • CDN encourages participants to its events to use more environmental friendly means of transport (train, bus) and will only reimburse most economic mean of transport (maximum 2nd class ticket for the train rides, 2nd class couchette for the night over trips longer the 500 km, economic or youth fare ticket for plane ride if train trip takes more then 12h or trip is longer then 1000km). Visa costs will be covered as well.
  • This means that all of the participants will be paid only for amount that represents minimum costs of the travelling from your place of departure to Constanta and back, set in accordance with CoE travel rules.
  • Participants have to send in advance their total travel costs with explanations to the organisers in order to be reimbursed
  • All of the participants will be reimbursed for 70% of their total travel expenses from their home town to Constanta (visa costs included).
  • Maximum amount to be paid by this rule can not excide 180 euro.
  • In order to be reimbursed you need to present all of the tickets (or copies there of) so please ask for receipts for every cost related to your travelling. Without receipt we are not able to reimburse your cost. This means arrange a round trip. Otherwise for the way back we can only pay after the receipts have reached our office.

Pick-up and travel info

The camp will be held in Costinesti, which is a turistical station, it was build by during the Ceausescu period especially for students.So you will see lots of hotels, discos, bungalows etc. Our location is just on the beach, but it’s a former communist camp so don’t expect luxury.Bring your towels and be eager to meet your other 5 or 7 roomies, as the rooms are of 6 and 8 people.

Things to do before departure

Do NOT forget your swimming suit and the sun lotion!!!! Sun glasses and the food and drinks for the intercultural evening.

For any additional questions please contact:



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  • Participants of the Summer Camp on 22.07. 2005
  • Participants of the Summer Camp on 03.08. 2005