Human trafficking in Eastern Europe – Project

05. – 12. August 2005, Constantia, Romania

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Preventing Human Trafficking in Eastern Europe

We young people from across Europe, invited by the Cooperation and Development Network, discussed the prevention of human trafficking in Eastern Europe. We gathered in the Costinesti in Romania between 5th and 11th of August 2005.

Trafficking in Human Beings (THB) is one of the three most profitable types of organized crime.
The most practiced type of THB is trafficking of women. High level of poverty, unemployment, discriminatory practices, patriarchal social structure, violence and insufficient social support in countries of origin are the reasons why women are vulnerable for trafficking.

Perceptions of women as objects that can be sold as well as violence on women are the cultural basis of the problem. Therefore the fight against patriarchal society is an important part in the struggle against THB.

We are aware that rehabilitation and reintegration (in the country of origin) are very important. Significant part in that are shelters for victims of THB where they can receive all necessary medical, psychological and legal assistance. It is very important that victims of THB are provided with a safe (temporary) place to stay, shelter, medical assistance, access to institutions of justice, possibility to work and gain enough for a dignified life conditions. We think that at the present there are not enough shelters, especially in the transit countries and countries of origin.

Although NGOs in all countries affected do great efforts with considerable success it is essential that the governments of these countries acknowledge and seriously address the issue. Raising awareness among the population is their responsibility and should be prioritized.

Special attention should be given to children given their vulnerability to all forms of exploitation (organized begging, pornography, prostitution, organ trafficking…).

While nowadays the reaction of destination countries is mainly focused on securing borders and repression, we strongly believe that the most efficient and humane way to combat trafficking lies in the improvement of life standards for the population both in the countries of origin and in the countries of transit as well as in the fight against corruption which facilitates THB and other forms of criminality. We therefore believe that the solution is to be found in developing sustainability (ecological, social and political) in the origin and transit countries.

10th of August 2005
Costinesti, Romania




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