Migration Working Group’s Webinar: Migrations and Border Security

20th September 2016

We are happy to invite you to our webinar on migration and border security. The main speaker will be Ruben Andersson, an anthropologist working on migration, borders and security with a focus on the West African Sahel and southern Europe at the International Migration Institute of Oxford University.

‘Ruben’s more recent project, financed by the AXA Research Fund, looks comparatively at remote-controlled interventions and the partial withdrawal of international actors from global crisis zones, taking as its starting point the conflict in Mali, West Africa, and the confluence of risks which international interveners are dealing with there – including, besides security and livelihoods, the perceived ‘risk’ of migration. The project will lead to another monograph, tentatively entitled The Danger Zone.’

Mr. Andersson will be glad to help us in exploring how the youth can best contribute towards the bettering of the modern migration issues.

Mr. Andersson will talk about 10-15 minutes about migration issues and, more specifically, border security. The rest of the webinar will be open for a discussion with the members of the Working Group and other attendees.

The material he will draw on is summarized in this recent article ,,Europe’s failed ‘fight’ against irregular migration: ethnographic notes on a counterproductive industry” We kindly advice you to give it a read and prepare critical questions for the discussion.


If you are interested to attend the webinar, please join us on the 22nd of September at 15:45 CEST on Skype (add cdn_eastern_europe and send ,,Migraton WG” in a message body which will be taken as an intention to attend the webinar).


CDN Migration WG