MIL Network: “Gender and Human Rights” session in Baku

MIL Network from Azerbaijan (The Project for the Development of Managers) held the session on “Gender and Human Rights” which was organized by MIL Gender Club on 8th of November 2015 in Turkish World Youth Association in Baku.  The session aimed to raise the public awareness of the issues as gender and human rights. The main topic was gender equality as a fundamental human right. However, people often have their human rights violated on the basis of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Furthermore, some of the key issues relate to participation, gender-based violence, armed conflicts, and poverty, as well as sexual and reproductive rights were also tackled during the discussions. The session was successful as most of participants were involved in the topic and had a lot of questions regarding the gender, human rights and Civil and Marriage Code. 
In the following month, December, MIL Gender Club will hold the “Gender Academy” within MIL Network one-month-project to raise the awareness of gender inequality and educate the youth about LGBT and women rights. It will consist of eight lessons which will take place on the weekends. 
MIL Network (The Project for the Development of Managers) is established in April 2015 and is a voluntary social initiative created in order to increase the knowledge and skills of young people in the management of the social projects and organizations and to promote the development of the civil society.

Vahid Alyev,
CDN Gender Working Group co-coordinator