MO Direct Support – School of Political Activism Report

Young people from various cities of Bosnia and Herzegovina have attended the event to strengthen their knowledge and skills about political participation.

Furthermore, the professors who have taught classes are academic citizens from Sarajevo, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Belgrade:

• Darko Brkan, the president of CA „Why not“
• Dino Sakanović, historian
• Merisa Okanović, President of Youth Movement Revolt
• Predrag Momcilovic, green activist
• Miroslav Zivanovic, professor
• Admir Čavalić, economic analyst
• Faruk Hadžić, economic analyst
• Sunčica Kovačević, an activist
• Asim Šahinpašić, OSCE press team member
• Kemil Bekteši, an artist

The themes that have been covered:

• The role of the media in democracy
• Social movements in Bosnia and Herzegovina and historical revisionism
• The basics of political economy
• Political economy, common goods and degrowth
• Political compass and values
• Local government
• Civil obey
• Public appearance
• Local initiatives
• Simulation of City Council work

The event took place on 26.07.2021.-02.08.2021. and has lasted for seven days. During that time many themes were presented and practised.

The purpose of the School was to do research most relevant to activism in the context of social movements. Participants were given mechanisms to discover the social structures that influence their origins and survival, resources that movement can use, political opportunities that they can take up, and systems of meaning that enable them to get their message across. Far more relevant to activists are manuals that advise on community organizing, analyzing power structures, group dynamics, decision making, fundraising, and conflict resolution. All of these groups were involved in the School of political activism.

For the School, the City of Tuzla financially supported the School of political activism especially in the part called Simulation of City Council Work. The city of Tuzla hosted participants and Revolt members in the City Hall to independently organize the Simulation of City Council Work.

The School was financially supported by the City of Tuzla, CDNEE and NED. (National Endowment).

This School of political activism resulted in:

  • the contribution of 20 young people from all over the country,
  • increased communication with academics and students,
  • Cooperation with engaged academics and organizations
  • Artistic photos of participants that tackled problems from the local community through public space
  • Publication of the photos (in the progress of making)
  • Photo exhibition from participants photos at Youth Festival Tuzla 2021
  • Written local initiatives from participants

Media coverage:
TV show-School of political activism by CAT BiH
TV news interview at RTV7