MODOM: Panel on Expectations of Youth from the Upcoming Elections in Macedonia

28th February 2016

MODOM is hosting the General Assembly, the highest decision making body of the Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe ( CDNEE ) which will be attended by delegates from all member organizations and is held from 25 to 28 February 2016 in Skopje.

MODOM used the presence of young Greens from Eastern Europe to introduce them with the needs of young people in Macedonia, closely ahead of the parliamentary elections and organised a panel discussion on youth expectations from the elections in Macedonia.

The speakers were:

Bojan Petrovski, member of Presidency of MODOM

Antonela Ramljak, representative of CDN behalf of Revolt, CDN Member Organisation

Maria Andreeva, representative of Institute for Economic Strategies and International Affairs – Ohrid

Marko Hristov, representative of Student Plenum


After the debate, a discussion was opened for the rest of representatives from CDN Member Organizations as well as representatives of political youth organizations and NGOs. Given that the country has no law on youth, and the low amount of budgetary funds allocated for youth, the state of education, youth unemployment issues, the problem of young people leaving the country and brain drain, seeing the need for further intensive and dedicated effort to improve the situation of young people the following conclusions were adopted:

1. We recommend that the Parliament of RM, the competent authorities and organizations to monitor the implementation of the Youth Strategy for 2016-2025, and the standards and principles of international conventions and documents that the Republic of Macedonia has signed and ratified, and relate to young people;

2. We point out the need for increasing participation of young politicians in the decision-making bodies of political parties, and the electoral lists in the elections in Macedonia on parliamentary;

3. We point out the need for the government to implement measures that will enable students to lead a dignified life and acquire quality education in the country and properly valued achievements that will reduce the migration of skilled and educated people in the country;

4. We recommend to increase the capacity of the administration of the Agency for Youth and Sports and the budget that it has, and civil servants to work exclusively in the interest of youth;

5. We support amending the overall legislation concerning education in the Republic of Macedonia, which applies to all levels of education.

6. We consider economic empowerment of young people as a necessity, by providing more funding for various programs which will improve the situation for young people, and especially young entrepreneurs, rural youth, youth with social risk, and youth with disabilities.

7. We seek to improve the situation of youth based in the rural areas by encouraging local initiatives and start-up of their own economic projects and activities, while improving the living conditions and meeting their social, educational and health needs;

8. We stress the need for the State Statistical Office to improve the statistics for youth and to ensure its full availability to the public, with special emphasis on statistical data, such as migration, healthcare, education, employment and economic conditions, violence, power and decision-making;

9. We encourage cooperation between institutions and local youth councils, but also with the NGO sector as a whole;

10. The content of these conclusions to introduce the Parliament, Government, the Agency for Youth and Sports, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the National Bureau of Statistics.