New CDN Network Coordinator!

Sophio Mchedlishvili

We are happy to announce that Sopho Mchedlishvili will start as a new Network Coordinator, a position in CDN Secretariat, in January 2017. Being committed and politically interested, she has a background of Green activism, and is a former member of CDN Executive Committee (two mandates, in 2011 and 2012). She was one of the early members of CDN Member Organization Georgian Young Greens, Georgia. For over four years she had been involved in youth projects, non-formal education and the Green movement.


In October 2016 the Executive Committee had issued an open call looking for a new Network Coordinator. After a round of interviews, the decision was finalized by the beginning of December. Sopho demonstrated great enthusiasm and eagerness as well as experience to work in CDN Secretariat.


We wish Sopho all the best in her new job and look forward to further successful projects with CDN!