CDN General Assembly 2019

Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe will hold its 10th General Assembly on 8-9 March 2018 in Istanbul, Turkey. The General Assembly will be hosted by CDN’s Member Organization Young Greens of Turkey.

We have received 4 applications to host the Cooperation and Development Network’s General Assembly. Thanks to Belarus Young Greens, MODOM and Gutta Club for their applications, we look forward to future cooperation.

This year’s General Assembly will also be held together with Working Groups Meeting. More than 60 Young Greens from Eastern Europe and beyond will gather for debating, discussing and deciding on CDN’s activity and financial plan for the next year, approve its strategy plan for 2019-2022, as well as election of the new Executive Committee and much more.

General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body of CDN organised by CDN Executive Committee. The GA gathers at least once a year and has a full power to take any necessary decision in order to realise the objectives of CDN. GA is consisted of the member organisations and partner organisations of CDN.

MEMBER ORGANISATION of CDN has a right to be represented by two delegates with voting rights at the General Assembly and has full right to nominate its candidate for any organisational group/position or submit amendments to any organisational document of CDN. CDN will cover the full travel and accommodation costs of the 1st Delegate of each Member Organization. Member Organizations can decide to send 1 delegate with two voting rights or 2 delegates, each with one voting right, as long as they cover the participation and travel costs of the 2nd delegate.

PARTNER ORGANISATION of CDN has a right to send one delegate with no voting right to the GA and has full right to nominate its candidate for any organisational group/position or submit amendments to any organisational document of CDN. The travel costs of the delegates of partner organization are not covered by CDN.

GUESTS are also welcomed at the CDN GA, bearing in mind that CDN can’t cover their GA related costs and they will be subjected to participant fee.

The call for Delegates and Guests will be out soon with more details.
Please find relevant calls, forms and other documents below (to be published from January):

Calls and Forms:

Call for Delegates (Deadline for registration: 4 February 2019, midnight CET)

CDN Documents

EC Candidates

Member Organisation Candidate:

Call for Host: CDN General Assembly 2019

Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe AISBL (CDN) is announcing a call for a host of CDN General Assembly 2019!

General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body of CDN that gathers annually and brings decisions regarding the upcoming plans, activities, and strategies. The GA adopts documents such as Political Platform, Internal Rules of Procedure, Activity Plans and Reports, and elects new Executive Committee. Continue reading

Набор участников: Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму

CDN рад пригласить Вас на тренинг “Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму”, который пройдет 10-14 Октября в Киеве, Украина и соберет участников из Украины, Беларуси, Молдовы и России.  Этот тренинг является частью долгосрочной работы CDN по развитию и укреплению Зелёного движения в регионе. Continue reading

Call for Local Urban Actions! – Third Step of Resilient Future

CDN and its Alternative Urbanisation working group are happy to announce the third step of the annual work plan “Urban Urban Steps for Resilient Future – Building youth activism in Eastern Europe”. The call for local actions is an opportunity for the participants of the International Activity and Regional Trainings to submit the finalised applications of the local action plans.

The local actions are aiming at strengthening young people’s capacities in Eastern Europe to stand up for their (urban) rights. It is a chance for young people to put their ideas into practice and articulate demands to the local authorities.

Local actions are meant to
(1) Mobilize local youth and get them engaged into reclaiming their rights;
(2) Promote youth actions in urban public spaces;
(3) Address local authorities and stakeholders in charge of the subject of the local actions.

The outcomes of these local actions can be, but are not limited to
1) Large-scale youth actions;
2) Promotion of public spaces for youth;
3) Dissemination of the Manifesto for Eastern European Youth;
4) Public statements following the actions;
5) Visualised presentation of the activities for the Publication (including the local issue addressed; action plan and the statement)

Applicants are requested to fill in the LOCAL ACTION APPLICATION form, and envision a BUDGET for their activities. Filled in applications must be sent to with Local Action Application in the subject of the e-mail.

The coordination team will decide on the mini grants to be allocated for each action. CDN offers up to 300 EUR as a mini grant per action. The decision on the grants will be brought according to the feasibility of the action plan as well as the realistic assessment of the budget.

Deadline for submitting the applications is 31st August. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact the respective contact persons for the regions:

Balkans (Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Bulgaria) – Justine Pantelejeva:
Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro) – Nikoleta Petkovic, Luka Gudek:, 
RUMB (Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus) – Lucy Gavrilenko, Bianca Creutz:,
Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey) – Masha Dzneladze: 

Only full applications (Application and budget proposals) will be considered by the Coordination Team.

Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму – Набор в команду организаторов

CDN исчет команду организаторов для предстоящего семинара “Зелёное адвокатирование* (Р)УМБ” – Смотри и Действуй сквозь зелёную призму” который состоится 10-14 октября в Украине.
Этот проект является ещё одним шагом к достижению долгосрочной цели по укреплению Зелёного движения в регионе путем разработки концепции Зелёного видения среди молодежи. Continue reading

Poziv za sudionike: Second Steps for Alternative Urbanisation (Regionalni trening u Srbiji)

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CDN najavljuje poziv za sudionike drugog Balkanskog regionalnog treninga u sklopu našeg godišnjeg radnog plana “Urban Steps for Resilient Future – Building Youth Activism in Eastern Europe”. Regionalni trening će se odvijati od 11 do 15 srpnja/jula u Beogradu, Srbiji i okupit će sudionike iz Bosne i Hercegovine, Hrvatske, Crne Gore i Srbije. Continue reading

Open Call for Host Organisation – Green Politics Training

Dear CDN Member Organisations,

CDN’s Executive Committee and Green Education Initiative would hereby like to announce the opening of a call for hosts for the Green Politics Training. The Green Politics Training is scheduled to have its prep-team meeting in mid of July and acitivites in September and October.

Continue reading

Call for Participants: Second Steps for Alternative Urbanisation (Regional Training in Serbia)

Za Srpski/Hrvatski klikni ovde

CDN is announcing a call for participants of the second Balkan Regional Training of our Annual Work Plan “Urban Steps for Resilient Future – Building Youth Activism in Eastern Europe”. The regional training will take place between 11-15 July in Belgrade, Serbia and will gather participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Continue reading

Why do we need alternative urbanisation?

Report on “Urban Steps for Resilient Future: Building youth Activism in Eastern Europe” training

From 24-29 April 2018, Cooperation and Development Network of Eastern Europe (CDN) – with the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, Green European Foundation (GEF), Green Group in the European Parliament, MEPs Terry Reintke and Rebecca Harms – organised a five-day youth training on Alternative Urbanisation on Buyukada island in Istanbul, Turkey. We gathered more than 40 young people from Eastern Europe with the aim to empower them to get active in their city and seek and provide support that make their cities more resilient. Continue reading

Набор Участников: Второй шаг к Альтернативной Убранизации (Региональный Тренинг в Беларуси)

CDN анонсирует набор участников для Регионального Тренинга RUMB в рамках нашего Ежегодного Рабочего Плана “Urban Steps for Resilient Future – Building Youth Activism in Eastern Europe”. Региональный тренинг пройдет 04-08 Июля в Гродно, Беларусь и соберет участников из Беларуси, Молдовы, Украины и России.

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