Political repressions in Belarus: Belarus Green Party

23. March 2017

We, the Belarusian Green Party and Ecohome non-governmental organization, express our joint protest against political repressions taking place in Belarus over the last few weeks. Starting from February 17th around 200 participants of peaceful demonstrations have been severely convicted, fined and imprisoned, including 25 journalists representing independent Belarusian media. Continue reading

Ukrainian Young Greens: Autumn Camp 2016


Ukrainian Young Greens had their first Autumn Camp (October, 14-16-th) in Kyiv. Participants of camp were from different regions of Ukraine. This event helped to create a stronger team.


During the AC we discussed pollution problems in Ukraine, searched the ways of solution and talked over our role in this process. We also met remarkable and broad-minded personalities, who have strong ties to Green movement in Ukraine and in the world. We had really exciting discussions with Johan Hamels (Green Party of Canada). Young Greens got much experience, much knowledge about youthful political space in Ukraine and abroad.


After having this educational and encouraging event, everyone feels that we really have got a united green family in Ukraine. We will be able to work well in our team, be good at using our own initiatives and achieve necessary goals. So we, Ukrainian Young Greens, have a “can do” attitude now and we are ready to face different challenges. We are on the right way, so the results will come soon.




Webinar: Memebership Management for Members and Partners


CDN is trying hard to stay ahead with different activities it can do to bust our Member and Partner Organisations’ capacities. This time, we planed something new for them!

Many organizations experience generation change and struggle with managing their membership. So we decided to organise a WEBINAR to explore and discuss team work, group dynamics, different personalities in teams, our own roles in our organisations and how the structures can be more inclusive to different members’ needs? What are the challenges organizations are facing, when dealing with different people? Continue reading

Serbian Green Youth: General Assembly 2016

Last weekend (18-20th March), Serbian Green Youth held their 12th annual General Assembly in Vršac. During the GA, SGY adopted reports from previous year and discussed and voted on amendments of existing documents. At the GA, SGY adopted Action plan, which includes objectives of organization for the next 12 months with the activity plan. Also, the discussion about strategic planning was held, and the proposal to organize bigger strategy planning during the summer was adopted. Continue reading

Gender awareness in Serbia

9th March 2016

,,Why does the discussion about gender make people uncomfortable? In Serbia, LGBT+ people are being excluded from their communities and International Women’s day is confused with romantic courting. People are afraid to say that they are feminists and young females are facing misogyny. The Green Forum intern Kristina Grujicic met with gender coordinators from two green organizations in Eastern Europe.”

To read the rest of the article, please visit the Green Forum website.

MODOM: Panel on Expectations of Youth from the Upcoming Elections in Macedonia

28th February 2016

MODOM is hosting the General Assembly, the highest decision making body of the Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe ( CDNEE ) which will be attended by delegates from all member organizations and is held from 25 to 28 February 2016 in Skopje.

MODOM used the presence of young Greens from Eastern Europe to introduce them with the needs of young people in Macedonia, closely ahead of the parliamentary elections and organised a panel discussion on youth expectations from the elections in Macedonia. Continue reading

Young Greens of Turkey & Georgian Young Greens against destruction of Cerattepe

19th February 2016

For the last twenty five years people of Artvin, a border town between Georgia and Turkey, have been resisting against gold and copper mines. During these twenty five years, the resistance of Artvin has defeated two Canadian mine companies and sent them back home. Unfortunately, this legendary resistance is now under attack by not just mine companies, but government forces.

Earlier this week, people of Artvin have been attacked by police and gendarmerie, who are apparently following oartvin2rders from a mine company: Cengiz Holding. This pro-government Cengiz Holding is a conglomerate that owns several construction, energy and mine projects that destroys the environment not just in Turkey but also in Bulgaria, Azerbaijan and Armenia. Now, they have their hands on Cerattepe, Artvin. Continue reading