SAEM: No Hate Speach Campaign

Our actions  directly affect our lifestyle. Nowadays, we face hate speech more and more in social media, TV, on the streets, movies etc. We do believe we cannot make progress without having freedom to openly discuss ideas, debate about the future of our rights and actions. In order to stop the hate speech and build a society based on respect and solidarity, Georgia Youth Eco Movement SAEM joined the No Hate Speech Campaign of the Council of Europe. Continue reading

Czech Young Greens: The First Climate Camp a Success!

Limity Jsme My is an open grassroots civic movement against coal mining and coal burning. Their first public event, dedicated to memory of the Northern Bohemia towns demolished for the coal mining, was held in February 2015. There were memorials held in fourteen different places in the country and the message was clear: We are against breaking of the brown coal mining limits and against further expansion of the coal industry. The same year, in June, we continued with the protests in more than twenty places which were joined by more than a thousand people. The protests were supported by our allies in Germany, Belgium, Finland and Brazil.

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Albanian Young Greens: New Board and The Earth Day

Albanian Young Greens is a vital forum part of Albanian Green Party; a vital forum with energised, devoted and innovative members. It has been around 16 years since this forum has been established and many leaders have passed through it. The actual leading group of Albanian Young Greens was selected on 7th May 2017 when taking part in General Assembly of Albanian Young Greens. In accordance with gender balance – giving priority to female gender, the leading group is formed by 7 members. Dajana Sina and Orlando Bakalli are the leaders of Albanian Young Greens.

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Grüne Jugend: An Exciting Update on The Activities

Dear CDN friends,

Many things have happened during the past three months in Grüne Jugend – many things that we’d like to share with you!

In March six members of Grüne Jugend went on an exchange with Swedish and Norwegian Young Greens in Gothemburg (Sweden). Our aim was to analyze mutually our organisations and structures, exchange the best practices, e.g. on attracting new members, campaigning and to discuss our differences and the problems that we still have in common in our organisations. (As a result, we took home a lot of impressions and new ideas on improving our structures.)

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Political repressions in Belarus: Belarus Green Party

23. March 2017

We, the Belarusian Green Party and Ecohome non-governmental organization, express our joint protest against political repressions taking place in Belarus over the last few weeks. Starting from February 17th around 200 participants of peaceful demonstrations have been severely convicted, fined and imprisoned, including 25 journalists representing independent Belarusian media. Continue reading

Ukrainian Young Greens: Autumn Camp 2016


Ukrainian Young Greens had their first Autumn Camp (October, 14-16-th) in Kyiv. Participants of camp were from different regions of Ukraine. This event helped to create a stronger team.


During the AC we discussed pollution problems in Ukraine, searched the ways of solution and talked over our role in this process. We also met remarkable and broad-minded personalities, who have strong ties to Green movement in Ukraine and in the world. We had really exciting discussions with Johan Hamels (Green Party of Canada). Young Greens got much experience, much knowledge about youthful political space in Ukraine and abroad. Continue reading

Webinar: Memebership Management for Members and Partners


CDN is trying hard to stay ahead with different activities it can do to bust our Member and Partner Organisations’ capacities. This time, we planed something new for them!

Many organizations experience generation change and struggle with managing their membership. So we decided to organise a WEBINAR to explore and discuss team work, group dynamics, different personalities in teams, our own roles in our organisations and how the structures can be more inclusive to different members’ needs? What are the challenges organizations are facing, when dealing with different people? Continue reading