Open Call for Host Organisation – Green Politics Training

Dear CDN Member Organisations,

CDN’s Executive Committee and Green Education Initiative would hereby like to announce the opening of a call for hosts for the Green Politics Training. The Green Politics Training is scheduled to have its prep-team meeting in mid of July and acitivites in September and October.

Green Education Initiative is a branch of CDN that explores ways to ensure creative and sustainable education on green ideology, its fundamental values, and principles and its aim is to consolidate green ideas and ensure ideological sustainability within CDN.

Green Politics Training’s aim is to:
1. Build a syllabus on Green Politics that is relevant to Eastern European context and which will be adaptable by any MO in the future.
2. Empower CDN member organizations to host their own Green Politics Trainings for their organizations

We are looking for Member Organizations who have always wanted to do a Green Politics Training but never had the resource for it! This can be your chance to host your own Green Politics Training!

The selected Member Organizations will receive a training on “What is Green Politics” and on how to organize Green Politics Training on 14-15 July in Belgrade from the Green Education Initiative. Afterwards, they are expected to use this knowledge and execute their own “Green Politics Training” within their own member organization with consultancy of CDN. The language of the Green Politics Training can be your local language.

In order to realize the Green Politics training, selected Member Organizations will receive a budget from CDN to cover their expenses for the venue for the training, consumables, meal and travel costs of participants.

Interested Member Organizations should submit an application UNTIL 10 JUNE (midnight CET) by e-mail to and

This application should contain:

  • motivation letter;
  • the resources of your organisation (human and other) that you are ready to invest in this event;
  • where and when will this Green Politics Training happen (maximum 2 days)
  • how many people do you foresee to attend to your training;
  • who will be in charge of the Green Politics Training (names and contact info of a Program Coordinator and an Assistant)
  • what topics in particular you would like to cover in this Green Politics Training
  • co-funding possibilities;
  • the resources and contacts of your organisation about topics of seminar (Green Politics)
  • a statement of willingness to organize Green Politics Training.

Host organization is expected to:

  • identify 2 persons from their organisation – Assistant, and Program Coordinator – that will be in constant communications with CDN and responsible for specific area of work related to preparation, implementation and follow up of the event. The Program Coordinator and the assistant are expected to be the main responsibles trom the organization to organize the Green Politics Training.
  • make sure that the Program Coordinator will be present at the prep-team meeting which will take place in Belgrade on 14-15 July
  • to host a Green Politics Training within their MO in September/October.

Host organization will have a chance to:

  • promote this activity at local level (in the country where the organisation is situated) as its international activities in cooperation with CDN. Any document sent out by project host has to have the logo of CDN and the website.
  • organise side activity during the event that will support the interest of their organisation. This activity has to be prior communicated with CDN.
  • organise media event and use the presence of CDN, based on prior approval by CDN Executive Committee.

For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the above-mentioned addresses.

Best wishes,
CDN Executive Committee