Open Call for new members of CDN Gender Working Group


Cooperation and Development Network Eastern Europe (CDN) is happy to announce an open call for new members of the Gender Working group. We are looking for interested and motivated people who want discover everything connected to gender, how it affects us, how we can affect it.

Are you interested in gender, do not quite know what it is all about or do not understand why we should even care about it? Come and join our Gender Working group.

We have previously thought of many topics to talk about, if you want to add to them that you see something important missing, you are very welcome. Come along to our first meeting and tell us. If you are already working on something on this list or if there is something, you are passionate about, come and join us too. Send your motivation to

  • What is Gender?
  • What is Feminism?
  • How to talk to people about Gender and Feminism.
  • Gendered violence (online & offline)
  • Women and energy (climate)
  • Getting away from western cultural colonialism when talking about gender (East/West)
  • LGBT+
  • Gender in our languages
  • Gender and the green movement (as a whole: what ‘role does it play in it?’)
  • Gender and migration
  • Gender identity and clothing
  • Gender & education
  • Gender & family
  • Gender & activism
  • Gender & (mental & physical) health
  • People trafficking and sex work
  • Young brides
  • Gender and human rights
  • Gender & work
  • Gender in current pop culture and art

What can we do with this?

We can make this working group into whatever we want it to be. It could be an educational resource for its members, or a tool to reach out and spread the word in many ways.

Our work could take the shape of a blog, work on our website, webinars, film discussions, online interviews and discussions and even organizing a seminar or study session.


What impact will this have?

This depends on us. How passionate we are and whom we want to reach.



We want to walk this walk slowly. Most of us have a life outside of activism or are very busy in other working groups already. Let us meet and work in a way that is good for all of us.



We want to meet on the “31st of March 9 PM CET” to talk about our initial ideas. Come along and tell us why you care about gender.


Peace & Love

Vahid and Jana