Secretariat is the backbone of CDN; it is based in Belgrade and is responsible for the running and daily management of the organisation. Currently, we have five people working, out of which four are full-time positions: Network Coordinator, Project Coordinator, Office Assistant and Project Assistant; and one part-time FEM Activity Assistant.

Giorgi Ptskialadze

Network Coordinator

Giorgi has been a part of the green political family for over four years now; first, he joined Young Greens in Georgia in 2018 where he became a spokesperson and contributed to the growth and revitalisation of the organisation. And from 2020 until 2021 he was working as a Secretary General of Mtsvaneebi – a movement founded by Young Greens to expand its membership and include people of all ages. Meantime, Giorgi has also been active in CDN and was part of the Executive Committee for two terms – from March 2020 and reelected in April 2021 His main interests and political engagements are party politics, democracy and international affairs as well as climate and environmental protection.
In CDN he Manages the Network and Executive Committee’s work. He is responsible for statutory events such as General Assembly, Regional and Cross-Regional activities, EC meetings, as well as strategic work and organisational development.

Mariam (Masha) Dzneladze

Project Coordinator

Masha is the Project Coordinator of CDN, that joined the Green movement in 2012 in Georgia through CDN’s Member Organisation “Georgian Young Greens” (now Young Greens of Georgia). In 2013-2014 Masha was an EC member of the organisation and worked a lot with the local community of young greens as well as participated in several international activities that inspired them to continue working on the international level with CDN. In 2015-2017 Masha was an EC member of CDN and worked closely with the Alternative Urbanisation Working Group, but also developed an interest towards and gained experience with other topics like: climate, gender and digitisation. Masha is also interested in languages, arts and yoga.

Ivana Vojnov

Office Assistant

Discovering and actively engaging in the world of volunteering & activism back in 2015, Ivana has found her gem (apart from cats, medicine and the Faculty of Biology). In 2018, her Green journey began with Green Youth of Serbia and its wonderful people (now friends & family), when attending, back then a joint event with CDN - Ekofest. Since then, Ivana engaged in Green events in various roles - from member to the Main Board, uncovering a beautiful oasis of amazing people where she found her safe place. The year 2021 came when Ivana crushed a corporate business after 2 years (almost literally - they sold out their company after she left), and joined CDN as an Office Assistant. Ivana's main responsibilities are assisting the Network Coordinator with the logistics & finances for events, administration, website and social media. She's also actively engaging in CDN's Gender working group & Ancestral Medicine Discussion group, while her other main interests are environmental protection, social justice, mental health and sex education.

Paula "Pablo" Luīze Pastore

Project Assistant

Pablo has always had a passion for progressive and green topics, but they joined the official movement in 2021. They are a board member of a Latvian youth organization "Protests". Pablo is interested in intersectional feminism, gender theory, workers' rights, and anti-racism.  In their free time, Pablo enjoys writing, making posters, reading feminist literature, watching old movies, going on long walks, and talking with friends.  Within CDN's gender working group, Pablo created a feminist reading club. Now Pablo is a working-class hero, but they dream of studying anthropology next semester.  Within their EC mandate, Pablo is a contact person for the Ukrainian Young Greens, Belarusian Young Greens, and Gender working group. Pablo will be working as a safe space person as well.

Maja Klimentić

FEM Activity Assistant

Maja is 23 years old, comes from Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina where she started her activist path in local NGOs working in areas of gender, environment, youth education & empowerment. She was a member of YM Revolt for some years, through which she learned about CDN  - which led her to get more involved and find inspiration in the Green Movement. In the following years, Maja was an EC member in 2020/21, took part in different Prep Teams and to this day is a member of the Gender WG. She currently lives in Czech Republic, where she contributes and fights for the environment in a different form - through studies and research in field of Biotechnology. In CDN she is as an Activity Assistant on Feminists in the Environmental Movement (FEM) project, trough which she works closely with CDN Office and Gender WG members.

Previous Secretariat Members